Screenwriting : Have you the next "character driven, at least 3 genre, high concept movie" that a producer will fall in love with? by Giovanni Furore

Giovanni Furore

Have you the next "character driven, at least 3 genre, high concept movie" that a producer will fall in love with?

I accept screenplay. if you are a writer, and want to submit something, please follow this guideline. I'm looking for character driven story, with or mixed genre "fantasy", "sic-fi", "thriller", "horror", "drama". If sci-fi, a positive one. About the genre i refer to them as Truby defines them. Thanks. Title: Genre: (minimum 1 max 3. i prefer story with at least the mix of 2 genre) Target: Logline: Synopsis: Brief description of the 3 main characters(basic characteristic, purpose and evolution) Moral Theme and Argument of the movie: Streghts of the project: Is this story developed with any storyeditor, story doctor, or screenwriting technique? (ex:Truby, Mckee, etc) fill the form and good luck. Gio

Blake Adams Bailey

Hey, Giovanni, I have a screenplay that meets the criteria. If you'd like to see, the Log Line and Synopsis, (with Character breakdown) is on my site.

Rachael Saltzman


Giovanni Furore

we have three way: 1)500k dollars 2)4-7 M dollars 3)10-25 M dollars. in all this three cases we need a great screenplay. Tnx

Rachael Saltzman

Excellent! The more people know about what you're looking for, the better chances for finding the right script.

Curt Butler

This will "blow you're socks off"... MIDNIGHT GLOW... just finished rewrite (v1.09), hasn't been offered, or shown anywhere (fresh/new)... check it out the entire script at my website, or read logline/synopsis at Both are quickly thrown together, and will be reworked in the next couple of days!

Giovanni Furore


Tek Doko

DEAD CITY based off of the Bram Stoker winning Novel by Joe Mckinney. Character driven, horror/Zombie film. The Walking Dead meets World War Z est. Budget $3million.

Lester Reichert

I have a Supernatural thriller called The Given. Details of it can be found in my projects section of my profile or on my website in the TELEPLAYS section.

Brendan Faulkner

Hi Giovanni, I have three scripts that meet these criteria, with different price ranges. I can send you a synopsis or log line if you wish. I have directed a number of Thriller/ Si-Fi films some of which I wrote.

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