Introduce Yourself : Hello by Daniel Benshana

Daniel Benshana


I am a writer seeking knowledge on how to pitch an idea to agents/producers and learn more about my craft. I live in the UK. carries a few of my children's books and poems.

Aaron Johnson

Good to meet you. Welcome to Stage32!

Daniel Benshana


Amber Greenlee

I had luck making something first (a short) and then taking it to a festival. It won an award for best SFX. This introduced me and my work to a few producers and directors also at the festival. We connected and this opened the door for me later to pitch something to them after working on a few of their projects first. If you're a writer, you're going to have to write something amazing. I recommend registering it with the WGA before you show it to anybody, to protect yourself. There is a fee for that. Also, NDA's for when you DO show it to people. It's just standard to protect everyone in the room. Good luck.

Daniel Benshana

I am just starting this and think my comedy will be enjoyed by audiences. I think going to festivals sounds a good idea but I would like to get to know how the industry works far more by engaging with those here who know it well. Hope all goes well with you.

Gary Smiley

Hi Daniel, you can pitch sometimes, look in 'Jobs' section for 'screenwriters' otherwise, you can get a direct pitch - have to pay - but it will really be a good experience having a professional critique your work. I do both...

Daniel Benshana

I caught this, thank you.

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