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Hey guys hows going?. I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with A few months ago, or last year I send a script toa woman in the states as she was going to help me to it into a book, but lately I have had no contact with the woman and she hasn't replied to my emails or messeges on here. How can I make sure she can't use this script for her own book?.

Robert Franklin

Always register. Contact the S32 office. Maybe they can help!

Jody Ellis

Yes if you haven't already, make sure you register your script. Emailing it to her and any correspondence you've had between you can also help prove ownership, etc.


Hey guys thank you for getting back to me, Thank you John i will definetly be looking her up. I have proof i own the script but as for a written agreement with her stupid mistake..

Craig D Griffiths

If she has to steal she can't write. If she can't write she'll never finish it. Make sure you have proof of copyright if it ever comes to anything. Chances are you are worrying over nothing.

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