Screenwriting : Here is my dilemma. by Dean Steven Nichols

Dean Steven Nichols

Here is my dilemma.

I just finished the final edit of my feature film, The Malediction Legacy, and starting my next project. I have three ideas on the top of my todo list, the first, and it is my all time favorite; and it is titled Aburna, it's a Goth Satanic, Historic idea that covers four hundred years, though I have an outline, I have not finished with my research. The second is titled Nunnery and it also a Gothic tale with Biblical events, and I'm ready to plot, this story estimated around three to four hundred pages (novel, but a novel is not what I want to do ). As of the third one, it is titled Jack the Rebirth, yes I am talking about Jack, and I only have a rough spine with only a 25% of the research done.

Dan MaxXx

What is your question?

Dean Steven Nichols

I am looking for advice. One of my ideas it's ready to go, but it is a very long story. For a new screenwriter to try to present an epic story, it is highly unlikely to be even taken under concederation, unless the name is Spielberg or Lucas, and that's not the case. Shortening the story, it will not make it any justice.

Jody Ellis

I would say write whatever speaks to you the most. Your spec scripts are your calling cards for potential work at this point, nothing more. Might as well write the one YOU want to write, regardless of whether or not you think it's marketable. I would caution you, however, when you mention it's very long, that feature spec scripts are usually under 110 pages these days. 120 is still the accepted maximum (Though becoming rarer) but in my experience, execs get much more excited about shorter scripts. Less reading for them.

Bill Costantini

I would hire a competent script consultant to analyze my completed script before I started to pitch it. I'd work on my next script while waiting for the results of the analysis. I'd be ready to pitch it, if the results came back "ready to pitch", and enter it in writing competitions.

Personally.....I think the beginning of your synopsis for The Malediction Legacy is a really great premise for a fantastic supernatural cop thriller. I love concepts like that - supernatural stories scare me the most.

Good luck and Happy Writing, Dean!

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