Screenwriting : Hi everyone I’m new here by Sarah Burns

Sarah Burns

Hi everyone I’m new here

I have a question, I’m struggling with getting back to writing. Is there any advice to help me get back into the swing of things?

James Welday

Hi Sarah, I'd suggest just jumping back into the process of writing every day. If you have a project already in mind, I'd suggest knowing your ending to ensure you finish. If you need any tips, let me know!

Louise Tremblay

Hi Sarah, I struggled with this as well. I've started to write a sequel to my book and for some reason couldn't get going. I decided to just keep writing even if it didn't make sense, and soon the creativity and motivation came back. Now I can't stop!

Aray Brown

I would sugest free writing. Write anything to comes to mind. It could be a dream, a nightmare, an article you read. Anything to get the creative juices flowing. If you have time constraints, use a timer and devote 30 minutes to an hour to write.

Doug Nelson

Put your ass in a chair and write - it's as simple as that.

Steven M. Cross

I agree with Aray. While you’re free writing, explore how you see yourself as a writer. Ask yourself, why do I want to write, what do I want to say. I used to have my writing students write about themselves in third person. You could try that. You could also do a google search for writing prompts. I think once you start writing, your creativity will come back to you.

Myriam B

If you want to be "coached", you can do the very well known book The Artist's Way - it's like a 12 weeks program. Lots of interesting info and a great way to be reminded to write every day and to feed your passion. Good luck :)

Jimmy Kelly

Maybe this will help? I wrote this blog as a way to help others during all this craziness:

Steven M. Cross

I recommend the Artist’s way also.

Sam Borowski

Sarah, I think you could use the help from a professional writer-filmmaker. I've been able to coach - and offer advice to young writers over the years. Check me out on IMDb and if you want any advice feel free to reach out.

Monica Mansy

Hi, Sarah, I've had some stuff recently happen and I've definitely found being a part of the Writers' Room has really encouraged me. Having a community and meeting throughout the week is super helpful. It helps create excitement, but also accountability. We meet to learn about the craft and business, work on script coverages and pitches and have zoom writing cafes throughout the week. If you'd like to try it out for a free month, please reach out to Jason Mirch (, the Director of Script Services. Stay encouraged and best of luck to you!

Craig D Griffiths

I put my guitar away 30 years ago and dragged it out again last month. Love playing now more than ever. If I had of forced myself to keep playing when my son was born I probably would have sold my gear and never gone back.

Walk away. If you are meant to come back you will. Every hour you waste on something that doesn’t bring you joy is an hour wasted. Yes we all have to work and pay bills. But the rare hours we have for us should not be wasted.

I have my writing app on my PC, iPad and Phone so I can write every moment I get. I am such a writing nerd I am on here talking about writing when I am not writing. I hope you find something that brings you the same joy writing brings me. That may be writing. But it may be something else.

Barry John Terblanche

You gotta have the passion drive! Or the horse will keep throwing you off.

Rob Jones

Write a story, free writings, thoughts, etc that are similar to embarrassing things, traumas, things you were/are ashamed of can be very freeing and jumpstart things.

Ewan Dunbar

Write the first thing that comes into your mind. It could just be a short story, a scene, or anything. It doesn't have to be anything in particular but the important thing is to start writing and the rest will come back.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Great advice has already been given above, but ask yourself why have you stopped writing? Perhaps start there. ;)

Dan MaxXx

I was in a rut 3 three years ago and I made a decision to get off the couch, and I volunteered on a cheap budget short movie by random strangers. And holy shit - an Oscar winning Screenwriter was on set, volunteering his Time and Experience. He was there from call time to last shot, ate crew food, and didn't complain. 12-14 hour shoot days and he's 80 years old! That short movie experience rejuvenated my writing. If this is the life you want to do for a living or a hobby, you gotta ride out the ups and downs.

Mariannjely Marval

Be gentle with yourself. It's okay to have bad days and no inspiration sometimes. Treat yourself. Sometimes I like to go hiking or just do something different that reminds how life can be so precious by enjoying the little moments. I usually get back on track, and come back with a greater purpose. You got this!

Kiril Maksimoski

Had enough small time success just to tell me wasn't wasting my time. Met some useable people and learned few things in the process. I just keep moving, following SAS rule (small achievable steps) next one happens to be feature script lift off...

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

I often find that when I'm trying to think of reasons to be motivated I end up just spiraling into "why bother doing anything?" territory so my advice is don't think about it, just sit down and start writing some terrible scene that, who knows, might grow into something not so terrible :)

E. Lamoreaux

Try to find a good time to write and then jump into it. Nighttime usually works best for me.

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