Screenwriting : Hola by Jennifer F Arthur

Jennifer F Arthur


Just dropping a quick line to share what I’m currently working on: a grounded sci fi romance limited series, I’m on draft three of an adaptation screenplay for my novel Souls by the Sea, and a faith based fantasy. Woot woot!

Barry John Terblanche

Novel to screenplay adaptation ain't easy, I know. All the best with it.

Matthew Parvin

Sounds like you have a lot of elements at play. Best of luck to you!

Phil Clarke

Enjoy the adaptation process, Jennifer. Two very different beasts. Any queries or questions on their differences, by all means message me. Happy to help.

Jason Mirch

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for posting! I am so glad we're connected! Keep up the great work and please keep me and the community updated here on your progress. There are a lot of supportive voices in the community ready to lift you up through the process! I'm excited for you!

Jennifer F Arthur

Thanks, all!

Dan Guardino

Jennifer. Congrats on your book and the progress you are making with your adaptation. I envy those people who can write novels. I tried it once and I really sucked at it which is the only reason I took up screenwriting. If I had a choice I would rather be writing novels.

Anyway I do love adapting novels into screenplays. I have adapted 12 novels into screenplays and will finish number 13 tomorrow and send it in. After that I will work on another one I started.a while back. It is a great story but would cost a lot of money to film so I keep putting it on the back burner.

One thing I discovered that I was expecting is having experience adapting a novel can open some doors because it is sort of a specialty.

I wish you success with yours. I don't claim to be an expert or anything but if you have any questions I would be more than happy to try and answer them if I can.

Jennifer F Arthur

Thank you, Dan :)

Dan Guardino

You are welcome.

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