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Screenwriting : How Big of a Risk is This ? ...and can it be prevented ? by J. Alberto Leyes

J. Alberto Leyes

How Big of a Risk is This ? ...and can it be prevented ?

Mos contest have a contract clause like this "You also understand that any one of these employees, or judges may have been or may be exploring ideas similar to yours, and you hereby waive any claim that the ISA and FAST TRACK, its employees or judges may have misappropriated any ideas or portions of your submission logline or screenplay." from ISA Fast Track .

Niksa Maric

What did you mean by EXACT, John?

Niksa Maric

I'm not sure I'm following all this. Once you send out dozens, if not even 100's of queries to management agencies or agents, if they like it, they will sent you a standard release form and ask you to fill it, sign it and attach your script to it. Usually, they mention how busy they are... and ask you to wait for any kind of response for period of 90 days, or less. after 3 months, writ them again and ask, have they had a chance to read your script, a day or two after that, you'll get your answer. Forget about BIG PRODUCERS, or even the small ones. They'll never even look at your script, unless you were recommended to them by someone. I don't know what your script is about, what genre but I did learn HERE, on this site, from people who have more experience than you and I, but unless you have something NEW, NEWER PRODUCED BEFORE, a subject that no one ever covered in the past, don't waste your time with producers, start with managers and work your way up from there.

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