Screenwriting : How do you begin your process? When you have an Idea for a Film, TV series, Etc... by Vince Conside

Vince Conside

How do you begin your process? When you have an Idea for a Film, TV series, Etc...

Me, Log-line.

Wal Friman

Stuff about the characters. What they are about.

Zlatan Mustafica

If I have an idea, I ask myself - What´s the story here? Who is my protagonist? What does he/she want? How does it all end? When I answer those questions, I just go with it...

William Martell

I collect a bunch of ideas, and when I get 100 really good ideas I take them all to Thunderdome and write the one that lives. The most important thing is to make sure you are taking the very best idea to script, not the one you love the most (love is blind).

Jody Ellis

Figure out my beginning and most importantly, my ending.

Adam Tester

I come up with all the main scenes and key plot points then connect them as I write.

Dan MaxXx

I sketch my "B" story first, which is the heart/theme/emotions I want to show in pictures(not words). then I figure the "A" Story which sells tickets/plot. i write backwards from Ending to Beginning.

Michael Hager

I think of my main character and concept hopefully at the same time so I can know what to put the character through!

Maroun Rached

I just write, anything that comes to my mind (usually dialogues)... I re-edit later.

Christopher Joseph

It's good to get a lil motivation - my own dilemma after a few rejects been feeling a bit of writers block since. So networking like this helps.

Gary A. Piazza

I write. And I write. If it's an idea or dream that needs to be told, I put it down on paper. After that, I embellish. I get closer to the "idea" and then take it from there. Usually when the brain is most relaxed. The shower, the toilet, after a good sleep, driving in the car, on the plane, my dirtbike...any time you can connect with that creative lobe. It's different for everyone.

Cherie Grant

i just note down what comes to mind and then i start plotting it out and developing character.

Evelien And Dorien Twins

Basically, something comes to mind and we start freehanding the first few pages. After we've done that, we consider that a bit of an outline and we build our stories on that. It works for us, but it might not work for everyone.

David Levy

I write down everything. The initial concept, characters and their traits, story arcs, etc. Anything and everything gets jotted down. It all comes together sooner or later when I start writing the pilot script

Shawn Speake


Shawn Speake

But that logline is subject to change with the following draft if some hotsauce lands on the page!

Christopher Binder

I decide which story idea of mine is worth devoting months of thinking and writing to.

Jeff Lyons

Premise line ... ALWAYS :) But, you should hvae seen that coming. :) Premise line is the best way to see if your story will work... before you start pages. My 2 cents.

Richard "RB" Botto

My process when I have an idea is to keep an open Word doc and an active Notepad page on my phone and jot down notes as they come to me. I wait until I have a well rounded feel for the idea. Then I begin pushing those ideas into an outline. I allow myself room to roam. The logline might not be there at the first flash of inspiration, but if I can't find it after the process above, I know the idea is half baked.

David Levy

@RB: Couldn't have said it any better! Right now, I am drafting an outline for the next pilot I am writing. I have FOUR Word docs open. One with character bios, one with the series premise and story arcs, one with pilot plot points, and the last one for series notes. Not to mention two notepads on my desk! The logline is slowly coming into shape. Everyone has their method and some will have the same. Just have to do what works best for you.

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