Screenwriting : How do you deal with distractions? by Jay Dial

Jay Dial

How do you deal with distractions?

So, this just came to mind, and I thought it would be great to post here to gain some insight from my fellow screenwriters, and to perhaps provide tips for people struggling to remain focused on their projects... How do you deal with distractions and remain focused on your work? The distraction could be anything: noises outside, noises from within your place of residence, the internet, etc. What do you do to keep yourself focused on that screenplay that's due next week?

Norman William (Welthagen)

I can't write at home for those very reasons. My family is very distracting and there's nothing worse than interrupted sessions. So I write during the day when I'm alone. On a good day I can write for 5 hours straight, but I tend to average about 2 hours a day. I still have to work for a living!

Jay Dial

Dan, I'm curious. Why a bad mood for editing?

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