Screenwriting : How much do screenwriters really earn? by Phil Parker

Phil Parker

How much do screenwriters really earn? I've seen this question asked, in one form or another, here and elsewhere. I've also watched writers struggling with day jobs as they reach for the golden chalice of 'paid writing gigs'. Been there, done that, still doing it (to an extent). So, I thought it might be edifying for some to watch a video I found on LinkedIn that helps put things in perspective. It's a cold splash of water to the face, but it's definitely worth watching.

Kay Luke

I concur wholeheartedly!

This is why I tell younger people to chase TV Writer fellowships instead of contest. It’s YOU, not your script that you have to sell. And to add to what he said, don’t go to Hollywood to be a Writer, go to Hollywood to work in the Industry. There are always jobs available, especially if you have a college degree.

Jack Binder

Thanks for posting!

Dean Owen-Sims

Thank you Phil!

Tony Ray

Great video, I learned a lot. I'm curious, though, if there is a possible way to Moneyball screenwriting. That is, get the most amount of dollars back at the least amount of expense.

Kay Luke

Tony -- Other than Final Draft, the only expenses are bar bills when schmoozing, once you learn the craft,

Listing Services, while legitimate, are a very low probability way in. Everything else that cost money is fringe industry. You cannot legally purchase a pathway to a career as a Screenwriter.

It cost me $20 for the Screenwriter's Bible, $70 for StoryCraft, and $200 for Final Draft 5. The rest was just understanding the job is Writer, not Movie Idea Guy, being there, and being able to deliver when I shot off my mouth.

Dan MaxXx

The big money isn’t the screenwriting; it’s the finished distributed movie. That’s why union Screenwriters fight for credits. These residual checks for re-airing, reuse of Material can be in the millions. Even box office movie duds make $$$ in DVD sales, tv licensing fees.

CJ Walley

A very candid and informative video, I strongly encourage those trying to break in to watch it and reflect on what it means.

Further to what it says, know that being a blue collar screenwriter is a highly rewarding and privileged place to be

Lean living is a game-changer when it comes to survival. Dominic points out how foolish spending his big money on cars was but it goes much deeper than that

Always try to make sure any participation you have is pari passu with the lead producer on the project

Also, since the topic has been brought up. Three budgets for aspiring screenwriters

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