Screenwriting : How to Pitch Over the Phone by Dewayne Edwards

Dewayne Edwards

How to Pitch Over the Phone

What's the best way to pitch your idea or script to a Agent or Manager over the phone?

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Strong logline. Compare it to A meets B type of film. Make sure the genre is clear. Make sure you know what type of genres the manger/agent specializes in. For example: If your script is Comedy don't pitch to someone who favors Horror. Also Stage 32 has pitch sessions with over 500 Industry pros. They are anywhere from $39 to $59. Deals HAVE been made this way. Good luck.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Typo manger should be manager.

Dan MaxXx

I dunno if the Hollywood schtick logline and "A meets B" pitch works on a phone call, on a cold call. Never done a paid phone pitch. Just seems like a tired approach- "Hi, here is my logline of XXXXXXXXX". Maybe that works better in a query- reading it than verbally on a phone.

The times I pitched on a cold call phone, I had to convince the assistant to the Boss. Less than 30 seconds to sell myself. I'd drop a name or a reference they know, give them a reason to say YES, establish credibility right from the start.

The best way is a personal referral. Somebody vouches for you. Get to know Writers, Filmmakers, friends on the Rep's client roster. Sorta like Donnie Brasco joining the mob. "A friend of mine" first to win the Assistant. Then a "friend of Ours" to speak to the Boss.

James Drago

Same rules apply as face to face. Be yourself, know your story.

Dan Guardino

If someone is trying to break in they have to try everything available to them because nobody knows what will work or when it will happen.

Regina Lee

I sometimes disagree with Dan G, but man, he's giving out some great advice above. Respectfully and sincerely.

Regina Lee

Dewayne, impossible for anyone to give you a great answer without knowing the context. Is this a cold call, a first meeting, an agent you already have a relationship with, are they excited to receive your call, etc.?

Babz Bitela, President/Silver Bitela Agency/WGA

Don't feel bad: I"m a WGA agent and folks sometimes don't take calls from me. And if I leave a voice mail per their request, I don't get a call back. When I cold call it's hit or miss that's why if I don't LOOOOOOVE THE SCRIPT, I don't pick up the phone.

Dewayne Edwards

Regina, I live in Wisconsin so finding an agent is kind of hard. It would be mainly cold calls.

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