Screenwriting : How to find collaborator on stage 32? by Hector Barron

Hector Barron

How to find collaborator on stage 32?

Looking for a collaborator on sci-fi film I'm going to fund/produce. I'm new here so not sure how to do that.

Joel Shettlesworth

Hey there Hector! I'll help you out! Would you want to send me a message with a little more detail? Thanks! Joel

Elizaveta Siegal

Hi, Hector, I am interested in your sci-fi film project. I have written an Action and an Action-Sci-Fi screenplays and I love the genre. If you would like, please contact me: Thanks, Liza

Richard "RB" Botto

Hey Hector. You can post in the PROJECTS section and list the type of collaborators you are looking for (writers, directors, crew, etc)

Pablo Liñares Lobón

hector hello, if you are looking to be an actor, I'd be happy to help. If you are interested we would be happy

steve hartman

Not sure what you are looking for in a collaborator. Do you have a script and need a Director and production team to help make the film?

Joseph Simas

I have to second Steve on that, who took the words out of my mouth. I've worked on a major sci-fi movie, not quite from the ground up, so I'm eager to get in on nascent projects. If the conditions are right.

Bill B.j.Lee

Hello Hector, I've written sci-fi films but not sure if you're asking for another writer or more crew? Let me know...

Rich Pulin

Its clear to me Hector!

Rich Pulin

Drop me a note plz.

Adam Pachter

Hey Hector, I too am a sic-fi screenwriter with a spec recently optioned by Amazon Would love to get more details about your project. Thanks, Adam

Ross H. Martin

Hector, I'm a writer/director. Currently, I'm re-writing a spec script that is a teenage supernatural drama. I've produced, co-wrote and co-directed a feature film, "Rubbernecking" starring Corbin Bernsen. In addition, I'm an editor. Check out Thanks, Ross

Pat Savage

Awesome, Karen :)

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