Screenwriting : How to get your works noticed by Robert DiChiaro

How to get your works noticed

Hey guys,

I have been writing screenplays for several years now, but haven't really been able to do much with what I have. I am confused as to what the next steps are in order to make progress in having someone take an interest in my works. I have entered two of my scripts in the Toronto Screenwriting Contest this summer, have applied to become part of a local film collaborative, and have been putting together a full resume of works I have completed to date. Should I seek out a manager/agent? I am looking for some advice as how to break into the writing/film industry and to get my work noticed. Any insight is always appreciated. Thanks again.

Shlomo Klein

Have you sent a Query Letter to any agencies? I wrote two scripts, emailed 50 agencies, and one of them is reviewing my second script.

Robert DiChiaro

Thanks for the advice Shlomo. I had sent query letters to a few agencies awhile back when I wrote my first script, but no responses. What agencies have you found success with? I primarily write action, sci-fi, and horror material.

Shlomo Klein

I googled a whole bunch of names and just sent emails. Still waiting for success :)

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Subscribe to IMDBpro. It is $21.75 a month. You will have the contact info for every "A" lister. Than you can pitch whoever you want.

Dan MaxXx

Do the opposite. Get to know working folks in the business of making movies for a living. They are your first champions, recommend you for jobs & referrals.

Larissa S. Merriman

It's tough if you don't live in Los Angeles or NYC and don't have the opportunity to meet other professional filmmakers or writers. I'd either join or start a writers group where you live and workshop your scripts. (Go with an open mind to critical feedback). And though the deadline has passed for this years Nicholls Fellowship and the Austin FF Screenplay competition - I'd start working for next year. Make sure you're on linkedin so you can connect with people on a professional level as well. And the Austin Film Festival is a great opportunity to meet people in the business. I chat with more LA film people and set up more meetings over the four day writers conference then I do in 3-6 months in Los Angeles. Spring for the producers badge if you can swing it.

Doug Nelson

Pay attention to what Dan M said. This is a very personal business; eyeball-to-eyeball works best. If you're not getting any traction with your screenplays - stop sending them out. Produce your own shorts, trailers or teasers. An Agent, Producer, Director or branded Actor will watch a 4-5 minute clip whereas few (if any) are willing to plow through your magnificent opus.

Dan Guardino

I attached actors a couple of well known directors to some of mine.

Craig D Griffiths

Hi Robert, here is a thought experiment. Replace the word ‘writer’ with ‘Doctor’. How would a Doctor build his practice. They would reach out to specialists for referrals - so may be go to find an acting group or filmmaker group offer to write a short for free. If they become working directors you could be their collaborator.

Get out amongst people. Perhaps even film your own short film. You’ll learn heaps doing that. People will read that experience in your script. Something as simple as INT.NIGHT and EXT.NIGHT have a huge difference on budget and time. You’ll learn this from making stuff and that will make you a better writer. Perhaps a writer that gets paid.

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