Screenwriting : How writing works. by Adrian-Asia Petty

Adrian-Asia Petty

How writing works.


Geoff Wise

Most screenwriters find it much more efficient to write a first draft through, then come back for editing after you've given yourself a chance to let the ideas flow.

Kiril Maksimoski

Everyone mostly has it's own process...those who manage to turn successful then lecture theirs as crucial...

Rosalind Winton

I love that, it sums up what I'm like and I have friends who are writing novels that would appreciate this, may I share it?

Stefano Pavone

Here's what I do: I plot out the premise VERY carefully, scene by scene, and I make it a goal to follow that blueprint from beginning to end. When I'm done, I go back and see what I can tweak or remove - each scene has to fulfill 2 requirements: develop the characters and advance the story. Both conditions must be met or the scene will be cut out (of course, when writing novels, I have some more creative freedom).

Marjolein Smit

Hahahahaha :)

Craig D Griffiths

I think there are two sorts of people.

1) those who want to be a writer

2) those that want to write.

I am a “2”. I would write without success. I would write without any chance of a sale. When I explain to people that it takes forever and I agonise over each and every word, but that is the joy.

They don’t understand.

People that are “1” are valid. But that just isn’t me.

Stefano Pavone

I'm a bit of both - I don't have any other major skill (I dropped out of high school in my final year) except for maybe working with computers and speaking multiple languages.

Craig D Griffiths

Stefano Pavone multiple languages is majorly cool. I am dyslexic (leftover from a brain injury) and couldn’t read when I left school.

People like you and I have an advantage. We didn’t learn everything from others. We have experienced the world. Not saying that education is bad. But there comes a time when it starts to beat creativity out of people.

Erick Freitas

Very true.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

I think that's more for novels but then again, I do know some writers who are more meticulous with their planning. I'm a fan of the vomit draft which means pushing out a first draft as quickly as possible. Then going back and working with that.

Vic Burns

I never delete ANYTHING til I'm finished. Then I go back with a machete and a bunch of grenades.

Rosa Kino

So true! Exactly! And the work is never done. After I finished and published a book, I still would find things to improve in it, no matter how many times I thought it was already perfect. LOL!

Vic Burns

Rosa, I'm sure there are people picking holes in Shakespeare somewhere. I never got on with it to start with, even though I work in theatre and have done shows with some of our UKs finest. Just doesnt tickle my fancy.

Did 6 weeks with Sir Ian Mckellen as Prospero in the Tempest- Yawn. Lovely, affable fellow though.

Incidentally, his next job was something called 'Lord of the Rings' - I wonder how that panned out for him?

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