Screenwriting : I have a script and now? by Francesco Volpi

I have a script and now?

Good evening (Rome time :) Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Francesco; I am an Italian screenwriter who writes in English. I finished my third script called "The Boogeyman"; it is a sci-fi/adventure movie, and here is the logline: an amnesiac boogeyman makes a deal with three brave teenagers to get his memory back, but a dark force interferes with the plan. I love '80s movies, so I tried to add some elements of that era combined with Stranger Things' atmosphere.

If someone is interested, I can share the script (I copyrighted it :) because feedback is constructive most of the time.

I would like to know what independent or mainstream talent agencies you can recommend, and if you had any tips and tricks to share, I would be infinitely grateful!

Thanks in advance, and have a great day!


Karen "Kay" Ross

Congrats on finishing your screenplay! Have you listed your logline on your profile? You can also give feedback on others' loglines in order to offer an exchange!

Craig D Griffiths

1,000,000 people start, only 100,000 finish. So well done.

I would start a second immediately (ride the high). It will show you how you have grown. Plus ideas to help the first will jump in your head.

Once you are 500% sure it is perfect. No rush. That’s why I suggest starting a second script. Post it on Script Revolution. Here is a link on getting the most out of that service.

Francesco Volpi

Grazie to all of you!

Ugo Cavallo

Now you can start pitching it to festivals or to altri produttori ;) good luck

Dan Guardino

Craig. He said he just finished his third screenplay not his first.

Aray Brown

First off, congratulations on finishing your script! Secondly, feel free to reach out to Jason Mirch, Director of Script Services, directly he would love to know what you're working on and how he can help.

Martin Reese

Welcome, Francesco. You wrote a sci-fi/adventure. Right up my alley. Good luck with it.

Doug Nelson

What to do, what to do...? The hard core truth, (no chaser attached): You are an unknown/unproven writer - nobody is gonna buy your script - get over it. My suggestion is that you make it yourself. Make a trailer. Condense the script to 10 - 20 pages (keeping the story intact) and Produce a short. Understand that it's going to be extremely difficult but that's how you get your chops. All the best.

Monica Mansy

Hi, Francesco Volpi congratulations on all your success! I would most definitely check out the services here on Stage 32. Under the "Script Services" tab, you can see options for development and script services (from the best execs in the industry from Universal, MGM, Mandalay Pictures, HBOMax and many others!): pitch your script, submit it to coverage to an exec or an industry reader. If you're looking for what is your best option or to whom you should submit, please email Jason Mirch (, the Director of Script Services. I've submitted my script for coverage and the feedback I received was priceless. Best of luck!

Francesco Volpi

Thank you all for your advice. I will also try to find some agents online ;) I really want to do something with that, even if I can't monetize it.

Claude Gagne

Don't give up hope! We are living in a world of change. You never know what tomorrow will bring. What was taboo yesterday, can always change to another method of doing things tomorrow. Put yourself out there is all you can do. Sometimes you need to market yourself which I am poor at doing. A writer writes; show yourself. Best.

Dan MaxXx

Your scripts are your calling cards. Aim for your own circle of trust- peers, filmmakers, actors, crew, artists. You cannot make movies on your own. Somehow you have to write a thing friends & Industry strangers believe they can improve their own lives/careers.

Francesco Volpi

Can anyone tell me how to look for an agent online? I am reading several articles but I don't know where to start from :)

Doug Nelson

Francesco - you don't look for an Agent on-line (or anywhere else). Agents are lurking in the bushes everywhere, ready to pounce on you when they sniff out your worthy content. They got very good noses and only survive if they find something worthy to sell.

Annaluisa de Socchieri

Ciao Francesco, good job! I'm Italian writing scripts in English, too; I can't give you advices, but I'm following this topic to get some for me. :)

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