Screenwriting : I need a comedy writer... by Walter Hendrix III

Walter Hendrix III

I need a comedy writer...

For an upcoming project that is listed in my projects (TMC), I need a very good comedy writer. This would be a collaborative effort for the pilot episodes (up to twenty). This would be a deferred pay and compensation would be provided only if the budget becomes available. There will be NO filming prior to a budget and the writer, if the pilot is picked up, could potentially become a series writer. I cannot promise that because I don't know how much say in the hiring process I would actually have if the show is actually picked up. If you are interested, you must understand that this would be a producer/writer relationship and no project ownership would be involved for the writer; whom would be collaborating with at least two other writers. What the project involves: 1. Collaborating with at least two other writers on the comedic timing of the project. 2. Edits during filming. If the budget is achieved and the project is filmed but not picked up, the writer would be able to use the packaged project as a part of their portfolio. If you're interested, please advise in the comments. Additional information will be provided soon and the selected writer(s) would be required to sign a NDA and CA before any information is provided.

Mark Souza

Walter, you need to post some sort of log line so I can get a feel whether this might be something I could help you with.

Luke Sokolewicz

Sounds like an interesting opportunity. Is it still on the table? Would love to hear a little more about it.

Walter Hendrix III

Mark, unfortunately I am unable to post any additional information. Luke, the opportunity is still available. More information to be posted soon.

Paul Bonar

Message me. Thanks

Elimihe Osezuah

Write a comment...I love comedies. if Nigeria is not a space too far removed, pls let me in. thank you

Cherie Grant

8 months old Emily.

Antonio Starks

Can you contact me in my inbox sir

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