Screenwriting : I need advice from a screenwriter. by Michael Khamis

I need advice from a screenwriter.

Hi everyone. I'm excited about joining stage 32. I'm an aspiring screenwriter. I've written a short and one full length script. As a beginner I know it's hard to sell your first script and specially if that script is a big budget blockbuster, however it was an idea that I just could not put down until I finished. I love this story and I'm having a tough time moving on to something else. I want to work on a script that I can love just as much as the first. I got screenplay coverage on it twice and both places gave it a 'consider' which is apparently good for my first try. I want to get into this business and get out of my current profession. While am starting on another script, how can I get my first script noticed? Is there an easier and more promising way to get into this business?

D Marcus

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you there is no easier and more promising way to get into this business. Contact agents. And write more scripts. That's the most important thing for a writer who sees writing as a career. Agents are going to want to see several well written, marketable screenplays. One good one is terrific. Three really shows that the writer is dedicated.

Baljinder Singh Gill

There's many, many avenues that you can exploit to get not only your work noticed but you as a writer which is just as important. You've got the traditional route of first trying to get an agent and/or manager however without industry recommendation it's tough. There's websites where you can upload your scripts - inktip, script boutique(free), and black list these are all good avenues. Also competitions are an excellent way to get noticed. I tend to enter those that as part of the fee give feedback. The most important thing is that while you're trying to get out there continue writing and building up a portfolio of work. When your moment arrives and somebody in the industry wants to meet you this will impress them the most.

Vanessa Bailey

One way to get your scripts noticed is to get a short film script made. You'll need a script that is easy and cheap to film (one or two locations, minimum cast, no animals, effects, rain, night shoots or children!) and to begin with these are the best scripts to write. Producers will look at the cost of the film to see how viable it is. You'll probably have to accept that you won't make any money at all from your first few scripts, but getting them noticed is how you might make money later on. Find indie directors/producers on here or Twitter , send them the script and be honest - ask them if they'd make it and if not, why not. Don't wait to be discovered (or to make money) you need to be proactive get yourself out there :) Best of luck and well done for following your heart! :)

Michael Khamis

Alle SegrettiI would be happy to have you read it and tell me what you think. I don't think you'll be blown away by it but I do think you'll find a lot of things that you can appreciate. And I can't imagine I need to tell you this but I appreciate honesty that can help me out in the future. What you like and don't like. I don't like kindness, just credit where credit is due.

Lisa Clemens

Michael just remember before you send it to anyone you don't know, whether in a contest or here, protect your work. Register it with the WGA and get a copyright on it! There are good people here but you never know if there's a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Michael Khamis

Thank you Lisa very much for the warning. I appreciate that someone I don't know would come out and warn me for my own benefit. However that's already covered.

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