Screenwriting : I need story ideas? by Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson

I need story ideas?

So I'm writing a series and I need a few story plots ideas for a 9 year old girl. The girl is a jealous bitter person. She's struggling in school and often runs away. I wanted to write a few stories about her but I'm stuck and don't know how...

William Martell

If you are writing the stories then you need to come up with the ideas for the stories. If we come up with the ideas, they end up our stories.

Kyle Climans

Well, off the top of my head, you could go into how there's still a stigma around gender. Have the girl not like dolls or other girly stuff. As to her struggling in school, she could be dyslexic but her parents don't think to have her checked out until halfway through the season. As to running away, she could be an outcast in class and prefers to hang out with someone who attends a different school. Maybe her parents are struggling to put her in private school but she misses public school? Really, it depends on if you're making a drama or a comedy.

Dionne Lister

You need to start with goals, conflicts, and obstacles, and everything else will come from there. What does she want, and what is in the way of her getting it?

Patricia Poulos

Why does everyone thrust the 'Gender Issue' down our throats? We know!!! But get over it, under it, around it and you WILL get there. I did in a man's world of Stainless Steel. Screenwriting is much softer.

Craig D Griffiths

You have everything you need. Jealousy of what? How can you trigger this, who is she most jealousy of? Bitter about what? What event can't see move on from? What causes a child to be bitter? Bad at school, is she doing it for attention? Is that a way of her stealing attention away from the person she is jealous of? Actions are tools we use to demonstrate a person true character which is based in their emotional make up. If you know a persons underlying thoughts you will write true and believable stories.

Richard "RB" Botto

Thumbs up, Dionne.

Dionne Lister

Thanks, Richard :).

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