Your Stage : I was told my Project is too BIG without IP or a Book to back it up... by Edward Goree

Edward Goree

I was told my Project is too BIG without IP or a Book to back it up...

NEW EARTH In a future where global warming made Earth uninhabitable, a space commander struggles with his orders to invade an alien Earth-like planet to save civilization. I was told that my new Sci-Fi script called "NEW EARTH" was a great idea and hook, but too big without IP or a Book to back it up. Now, I'm confused, because all I hear from the industry people is HIGH CONCEPT, HIGH CONCEPT, but when a High Concept is brought to the industry people, they say it's too BIG to sell to a studio without IP or a Book to back it up. I've been told to this by a few managers and a Producer at Platinum Dunes (Michael Bay's Company). His actual words was "I think this is a great strong idea with a clear hook, but for sci-fi ideas this big we have had trouble selling it to studios without original IP backing it up". How can we as writers break in the industry with BIG CONCEPTS and the execution to go with it, without being shunned away, because your IDEA is too BIG? The synopsis can be read below... Thank you... “New Earth” is written along the lines of films such as “Star Wars”, “Independence Day” and “Predator.” The story is about a recently retired Raider Marine named Markus Price who’s called upon to lead his old squad to invade an alien Earth-like planet called “Tataria”. After learning about the perishing Earth, he reluctantly reinstates to save his family and civilization from extinction. But throughout his journey he questions his morality; follow orders to commit genocide on another race to save his own? On the flip side of things on Planet Tataria, two brothers are at odds with each other about who is the rightful heir to the throne after their father’s sudden death. One brother lust for power and war as the other wants peace after learning the new arrival of the human invaders. With war on the horizon, the brothers must decide whether to work together for the survival of their planet and its people or remain at odds with each other that causes a divide among the Tatarians. As mankind stands on the brink of extinction, the world's military forces wages war on the planet Tataria to take as their own. One race faces genocide and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people, and their planet. As the action advances, leaders from each side begins to ask the question: Is war is the only answer?

Owen Mowatt

I hear you, I feel your pain and normally I would.....hey wait a minute...Isnt this Avatar?????

Edward Goree

Lol. Definitely not Avatar, bro... Completely different plot.

Dan MaxXx

It s Hollywood's polite way of saying , "pass." What to do next? Knock on other doors. Keep knocking until someone believes in your concept. Partner with a Director. Attach names. Build a portfolio Of names and power behind your concept. Maybe spend $5K to start a graphic novel of your concept. Build a following, fake an "IP". That s about it. U need money to make big money and in your case, u are doing a BIG SCI-Fi movie. Or go for Plan B. Change the Hero character to Asian and try selling it to a China based film company. The country has a growing efxs, animation, and labor is cheaper. Good luck.

Regina Lee

"How can we as writers break in the industry with BIG CONCEPTS and the execution to go with it, without being shunned away, because your IDEA is too BIG?" Like Owen M, I feel for you too. Sorry this is a reductive answer. 1) Execution can always be improved upon. 2) Present a new way into the story that feels fresh rather than familiar. I know those are both easier said than done, but I'm trying to give you a solution to your question. One might not think one's story is familiar, but Owen M has stated above, "Isn't this Avatar," which means that he's already identified something familiar about the story. Ultimately, even a well-regarded prod co like Platinum Dunes will have to get a studio to sign on. They have to have a pretty air-tight sales strategy, and if the studio says, "Isn't this Avatar" (or similar), that's a big hurdle. Most projects, big budget or not, will have a greater chance at a sale if they feel fresh and have undeniable execution. If you have undeniable execution, but if you don't get the sale, chances are the script will be a great writing sample for future work. Break legs!!!!

Edward Goree

I appreciate that Regina and Dan. My main character is left open to any race... Also, Hollywood runs on familiarity, but with uniqueness of your project. Avatar had nothing to do with mankind facing extinction from global warming and having to invade an alien planet to take as their own. But, I do see you guys point and I will take them into consideration going forward... Thank you so much....

Owen Mowatt

One other thing to think about, Edward. Reading your brief synopsis, I found it very male driven? Old King, two feuding brothers, male protagonist saving his wife and family kind of thing. I'm not suggesting that you shoehorn in more female presence for the sake of it, but nowadays it'll make stories like these stand out more.

Edward Goree

It's not male driven at all. It has a lot of female presence. I'll send you the script if you like to read it...

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