Screenwriting : I'd like to start a writing group by Jared Moses

Jared Moses

I'd like to start a writing group

Hey there all! I've noticed authors get so many different critiquing circles and online communities to make their skills better. I was hoping to find a few writers interested in doing the same, we can share work and give advice building each other into incredible writers. If you're interested please share your email below. Thank you!

Jamell Crouthers

Hello Jared,

I'd be interested in this, my email is

Craig D Griffiths

Sounds great. I would make a few rules. 1) no one has to sign an NDA the group is built on trust. 2) all members acknowledge that other members have probably had the exact same idea in the past, now or in the future and they haven't stolen from you. Stories are like children people only value their own and it brings out the worst in people. Good luck, I hope it goes gang busters.

Mark W Budke Jr.

Indeed there is a vibe here. I do fell it too.

Shawn Speake

That's how we grow :) That's what's up

Mike W. Rogers
Mary Helen Norris - I am interested.

Elujokor David I'll really like to join

Dan Guardino

I started one a long time ago. People would post a scene(s) 1 or 2 pages and people would give them feedback. Once a week I posted a subject people could use to write a scene and post it to get feedback if they didn't have something they were working on or wanted to post. It worked out pretty good. Also once a month someone would post a script to get feedback. I am not going to be writing anymore screenplays myself but I would join the group to give feedback.

Deanna Harvey

Would love to participate thanks!

Judi A Blaze

I'd like to join.

Jeffrey Walesa

This is a great idea! Count me in if you have space. Email is

Beth Fox Heisinger

Great idea! ;)

Dan Guardino

Jared. Let us know if and when you are planning on starting this... if you aren't I might start one. I am seriously thinking about quitting writing but would be interested in participating in something like this because I happen to like screenwriters and helping them if I can.

Jared Moses

Dan we have already started it please give me your email and I can add you to it. I'd love to pick your brain and also curious why you would quit writing.

Gregory Pohl

I'd love some info as well. I could probably use a change of course.

Martina Cook

Hi Jared, room for one more? Sorry I only saw this post now!

Jared Moses

Room for all, please share your email address and I would be more than happy to welcome you in!

Jeff Dearman

An online writing group like over telegram or something?

Doug Nelson

Best of luck with it.

Pranjal Joshi

Really meaningful , Email ID is -

Also agree with @craig D griffiths

Rayn D Smith

Two of my works are posted in the "LOGLINE " section of my home page on Stage 32. Please review. Obviously when you ask family and friends to read your scripts, the feedback they give tends to make you out to be the greatest writer in the world. I'm all in.

Aray Brown
Jared Moses

All of you have been added to the Google Hangouts group feel free to introduce yourselves!

Elujokor David

I'll love to join

John Roland

Too late to join the party?

Deanna Harvey

Not at all. Please post email and we will get you added as soon as we can

Ester Lopez

Can I join the group? My email is

Souvid Datta

Could I join the group as well? My email is -

Thanks in advance!

Jeffrey Walesa

Hey all! I got the Hangout app but not sure how to use it. Just checking in. Thanks!

Deanna Harvey

Jeffrey post your email. When I get into my office in just a bit, I'll get everyone added to the group.

Thanks guys!

Jeffrey Walesa


Deanna Harvey

Ok I've managed to add Jeffrey and Souvid to the group.

Ester and Tamim, it would not let me add you. Can you double check that you have the Hangouts app and that your emails are correct please, and I will try again.


Tamim Almousa

I don't have the app. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I needed an app. Hold on...

David Downes
Lamon Shyne

My email is

Avery R. Russell

count me in!

John Iannucci

Add me

Doug Nelson

Best of luck with that.

Ingrid Goldberg

please add me if you can

Dan Guardino

I started one years ago and people could submit a scene or two and get feedback. I would also suggest a weekly logline that people could write and submit a scene if they wanted. That worked pretty good but I had to make sure to get rid of a few over the years that just joined to criticize other people. Also once a month one person would submit a screenplay for feedback. I just thought I would make some suggestion that kept my group going for several years.

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