Screenwriting : If you're new here -- Screenwriting Is A Business by Shawn Speake

Shawn Speake

If you're new here -- Screenwriting Is A Business

Contrary to popular belief… It is. And film and TV is a business. It’s not some fantasy world. It’s not streets lined with gold. It’s all about doing the work and working well with other people. The key word being WORK. And Research is part of that work. -Bob Saenz STAGE32

Dave McCrea

Tru dat. That's why I only write scripts now that I am also going to produce.

Shawn Speake

Appreciate the posts! I'm just passing along Bob's words. Bob's newsletters keep it real!

Mary Winborn

Dance, dance, dance the night away, Malcolm.....we won't tell. Or hey, go watch "White Christmas", because " the best things...happen while your're dancing. "

Laurie Ashbourne

Reminds me of a director I used to work with at Disney. Every time something would get frustrating, or someone would be fired or decide to protest for the sake of art by sitting at their desk naked -- or any of the drama ad nauseam -- he'd break into Ethel Merman. "There's no business like show business..." it would break the tension and infect our brains with the song for the rest of the day, but more importantly it put it all into perspective.

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