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Screenwriting : I'm having a hard time making my screenplay come full circle. by Caleb Alexandra

Caleb Alexandra

I'm having a hard time making my screenplay come full circle.

Does anyone have any tips on screenwriting and how to make a story in film come full circle? It usually just comes naturally to me and I don't really think about it. However, I am writing a short film right now and I just cannot seem to find a voice for it, and when I think I have and I go back and reread the entire script, something just feels off. Like it's lacking life. Thoughts?

William Martell

Try thinking about it. The reason we have those brain things is to use them.

Cherie Grant

This really is one of those broad questions no one can answer without reading what you've written.

Melonie Zarko

I had to step away from my script for three or four days, work on other projects (I crochet & knit home decor and wearable's) - but the break was needed and very helpful. I ended up revamping all the conversations, and now have an end in site. I don't know if this will help, but I find it helps me with writing. Sometimes I just get to close to the project, and I can't objectively look at all the contradictions, dullness, and unnecessary junk I'm adding into my script - until I step back and distance myself from the story and come back to it with fresh eyes.

Jeffrey Bradley

I go through all the basic questions about characters and setup. Maybe I forgot to sufficiently set up some need in act 1. Or there wasn't enough inherent conflict in the situation. What are the protagonist's internal and external goals? Are they the same or are they in conflict? How much conflict? Are you being too easy on your protagonist? What is the theme? etc...

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