Screenwriting : Importance of Synopsis by Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons

Importance of Synopsis

Great blog post on the importance of the synopsis --- this is why I teach synopsis writing in all my premise classes... it's that important :) This is impotant for screenwriters too.. not just novelists ... it's actually an important part of development--before you start writing pages!

The Dreaded Synopsis-What It REALLY Reveals About Our Writing - Kristen Lamb
The Dreaded Synopsis-What It REALLY Reveals About Our Writing - Kristen Lamb
There is one word known to strike fear into the hearts of most writers. Synopsis. Most of us would rather perform brain surgery from space using a lemon zester and a squirrel than be forced to boil do…
Phillip "Le Raconteur" Hardy

Good article. Thanks for posting.

Fiona Faith Ross

This is timely, Jeff. I'm in the middle of a synopsis, so now I'll read the piece. Thanks for posting. Crumbs what a FAB writer Kristen Lamb is! Wish I could write like her, but I did have a helmet like hers once, only sans horns. Maybe that's my problem. I got nothing to poke the reader in the eye with. lol

David Levy

Very good article. Saw you post this on FB as well!

Richard Gustason

Pretty good article you shared Jeff. Thanks for sharing it.

Delia Mazzocchi

Good article! Thankyou for sharing it!

Bill Costantini

Very entertaining and informative....thanks, Sensei Jeff!

Tivoli Silas

Am I the only one who feels that writing a synopsis can be easier than writing an actual novel or screenplay (depending on the story)?

Jeff Lyons

Absolutely it's easier! :) It's like just pulling one fingernail off, rather than all ten.

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