Screenwriting : In it for the long haul? by Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

In it for the long haul?

Last year, I signed a right to shop deal with an entertainment company. This deal occurred because of a press release I wrote in 2012. It took six years for something to happen with this project. Last week, I was contacted by a producer I hadn't spoken with in two years. This week, he's shopping three scripts to different companies. My point is you have to be in this for the long haul. Are you? 

Anthony Moore

Congratulations. I'm in it for the long haul too. I'm rewriting a couple of early script to take them from mediocre to great. And I already have my next original script idea. I'm not looking for quick success tomorrow, I'm looking for a career for years to come.

Jim Boston

Phillip, I'm absolutely in it for the long haul...especially thanks to the tools I've learned since jumping onto Stage 32.

Rick Oldham

Yes. I'm committed

Shelly J Buckman

Please forgive my ignorance but what is a 'right to shop' deal? Is it like an option?

Dan Guardino

I've already been in it for the long haul and should be committed for doing so. If there was a twelve step program for screenwriters who want to quit I would have joined a long time ago.

David Whelan

Sure am in it till I can't physically write. Even if I don't make it I still enjoy creating a tale.

Doug Nelson

Dan, you're always welcome to join us at SA (Screenwriter's Anonymous). We got no twelve step plan, but we got a damn good bar. I'll save you a seat.

Phil Clarke

David Whelan Absolutely right. You should always write for the love, first and foremost. Then the money.

Dan Guardino

Shelly. A right to shop just gives someone the right to shop your screenplay. Unless it says differently they aren't exclusive and they don't pay for be able to shop it. An option is normally elusive and there has to be consideration given (normally money) for it to be valid in California. I don't know about other states but I assume they would all be the same.

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy


A right to shop agreement is usually a shorter agreement than an option, which it typically 1 year to 18 months. I usually give someone between 90 and 180 days to see if they can get some action going. I've had a producer working a script I wrote five years ago. He's put in front of eyes WME and a big six studio and is currently working on another one. The thought process is the producer or agent is sharing their contacts and sweat equity and your providing the material. I wouldn't sign on longer than six months unless it's somebody who is extremely well-known.

Dan Guardino

Thanks Doug. I don't drink but I am trying to produce a couple of movies so keep that seat saved because I might start.

Imo Wimana Chadband

Glad those contacts from years ago came back into play Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy I'm definitely in it for the long haul. Since I've started this journey the work ethic and dedication i've been putting in shows me how much this really means to me. And it's not a chore while writing. It's just seeing the story come to life in the words I pen. I love bringing these concepts in my mind to life on a script

Shelly J Buckman

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy Thanks for taking the time to answer Phillip! This is great information. I'm so glad to be back on Stage 32.

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Shelly: You are most welcome.

Philip Sedgwick

Always the long haul... great to hear of your momentum, PTSWCH.

Patricia Zell

It's not only a long haul, but also an uphill journey.

Philip Sedgwick

Uphill... stated in a true Sisyphean manner.

Juhani Nurmi

Yes. Keep the faith. Have the same situation with a script I wrote and developed for a former A list Hollywood director. We've been at it for six years. It's been a difficult time, but I still hope we'll make it. Don't give up.

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy

Thanks, Philip.

Derek Reid

Keep swimming till one reaches the island/boat or they'll drown. Best wishes Phillip!

Derek Reid

The island of effort and the boat of (divine) intervention! heh

Phillip 'Le Docteur de Script' Hardy



Aray Brown


Brian Shell

Left my engineering career 23 year ago... been through hell and back along the way... so yeah, I guess I'm crazy enough not to know when to quit chasing my hopes and dream.

Travis Calvert

Sure in it for the long haul, but that doesn't mean sit around and wait for things to happen. Gonna keep pushing forward.

Chad Stroman

Until death do us part.

Jerry Robbins

Yep - long haul. I've been writing audio drama for 24 years, and wrote my first screenplay 11 years ago; but worked on it over and over through the years, sending it out for coverage, re-writing, cutting songs, adding songs (animated musical), got the best books to help with the things I was doing wrong; more new drafts, but it was part-time as I had a full writing schedule for audio drama. Long story short, I cut back on audio three years ago and devoted full time to my screenplays. The animated script that I did numerous drafts on, was my education on learning to write for the screen, and recently got two "recommend" ratings from coverage services and the interest of three producers. We'll see.

I have optioned a horror script, and I have two Christmas scripts out on a shopping option. I'm finally confident in formatting, but it took a lot of work to get there. Will my shopping options sell? I don''t know - but it felt great having a producer read the scripts and want to take them on. I'm in it for the long haul, and I keep pushing forward, because that's where the potential sales are - not behind me!

Doug Nelson

I'm ready to be hauled out now.

Brian Shell

No Uhauls to Heaven

Phil Parker

Currently, my patience looks like a thin-crust pizza. With no cheese. Or sauce. Or any toppings. It's basically a tortilla.

Brian Shell

Phil Parker My racquetball coach in Santa Monica would go to the Baha Peninsula and catch fresh ahi, but he wouldn't serve his ceviche unless we had the tostada shells - it's all about the crunch.

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