Screenwriting : In late - Out early? by Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat

Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat

In late - Out early?

PULP FICTION is probably the best example of how "In early, out late" and totally off-topic dialogue can be at the basement of a masterpiece:

Bill Costantini

Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avery have said a lot on the subject of rejections regarding Pulp Fiction. One famous studio exec called it "too demented." This is my favorite quote from Roger Avery:

“We turned it in and they said ‘this is the worst screenplay that this film company has ever been handed. This is awful. It’s not funny. It makes no sense. This guy’s dead, he’s alive. What’s going on?’

Thankfully, not every single one rejected it. No single script has probably influenced 21st century screenplays and modern filmmaking more than Pulp Fiction.

Best fortunes in your continued creative endeavors, Jean-Marie!

Craig D Griffiths

I can’t see the connection between the title and Pulp Fiction.

People say that the chat is off topic in Tarantino stuff. But write down everything we learn about character. The car chat tells us so much.

Dan MaxXx

Bill Costantini I saw "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" this past Monday and I am happy to report QT brought his "A" game. The latest film is almost his way of saying, "adios, motherfuckers, y'all gonna miss me when I retire."

Bill Costantini

Dan: We had a post about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood a year or so ago here, and some posters were pre-squicked out because they thought it focused on what happened on Cielo Drive.

It opens here tomorrow, and I had hoped it would be on the mega-huge Sony Luxury + screen, which is like 40 feet by 70 feet, and the only one in the U.S. But I think The Lion King is on that one. I look forward to seeing it, and how they transformed part of Hollywood Blvd into a 1960's look - and maybe I'll see The Lion King, too.

That's two of the many great films released so far this year. What another great year for cinema. It gets better and better every year, you know?

Dan MaxXx

Bill Costantini At my local AMC theater are 6 original movies: "Yesterday", "Once Upon...", "The Farewell", "The Art of Self Defense", "Midsommar", "Stuber"

Pamela Bolinder

Thanks, Dan, I'm going tonight to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood!

Bill Costantini

Dan: True dat. In addition to the ones you listed, there must be another half dozen original films that are currently playing here, too.

Sing is coming back up next week. That is such a crazy great film. I love those kinds of films that are considered children's films, but are witty and entertaining enough for adults. That takes a lot of skill as a writer, you know? But I look forward to seeing Sing again.

The Art of Racing in the Rain opens in a couple weeks, too. That project took ten years and two studio turnarounds to make it to the big screen. That's going to be a great one.

I hope the boo-birds who say stuff like "there's no good movies anymore"..."Hollywood is a sewie hole"....yadda-yadda, yadda-yadda.....have been getting out a bit more this year. It sure has been (another) great year for cinema, and another great year for original films!

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, Dan!

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