Screenwriting : Industry script readers looking for reviews by Kacee DeMasi

Kacee DeMasi

Industry script readers looking for reviews

Howdy Everyone - Has anyone sent their script to the industry script readers on this platform and can provide me with a review positive or negative, in addition, do you get the full name of the reader who did the notes. thank you

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

The industry readers are anonymous. We list a bio of their background with your coverage, though. I won't speak as to the quality as I'm biased being a former one myself who now coordinates the team.

Monica Mansy

Hi, Kacee! I’ve personally used the industry reader script coverage and absolutely loved it. The notes were thorough and extremely insightful. I couldn’t see where my story needed work, where the holes were or even where it was really good. The notes helped me navigate. I remember after reading the notes thinking, “OMG, that makes so much sense!” I really felt it was a perspective I would’ve never seen had I not received notes. It gave me direction moving forward and I would recommend to everyone! Best of luck!

CJ Walley

Stage 32 coverage is accepted on Script Revolution as a professional endorsement (if it's a recommend) because of the quality of the coverage and the fact is comes from a named professional. From what I've seen, it's better than most. I'm pretty tough on what I'm willing to get behind. At the moment, only Stage 32 and Script Reader Pro coverage is accepted but I'm talking with other providers too.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

CJ Walley knows what he's taling about. Script Revolution is a huge website gaining 'notoriety' every day. Producers find stuff there. Get the coverage. It's worth it!

Kacee DeMasi

CJ Walley thank you Script Reader Pro does not have any non-white readers or producers helping with scripts. Do you know of any platforms who do? Thank you again

Krista Crawford

I've used the industry reader coverage and couldn't have been happier with it. I got a great reader, who gave me a lot of actionable feedback and really encouraged me. I will definitely use it again.

CJ Walley

Kacee DeMasi, I can connect you with a black female script analyst who works for CoverFly, if you wish?

Kacee DeMasi

CJ Walley Yes this would be great do you need my email or are you sending a PM thank you again

CJ Walley

Let me reach out to the contact first and we'll go from there.

Kacee DeMasi

CJ Walley sounds good thank you

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