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Steven M. Cross


I posted on Inktip a few weeks ago and since then I have had 4 views. Now, maybe someone can enlighten me as to what might be happening. I guess it could be my plotline, but if it's because there are so many that the logline doesn't come up, then I would rather do something else. I know they say you come back up to the top of the list every 6 weeks, but if 200 people get moved up at the top of the list at the same time, then you're not really at the top of the list. I am wondering what kind of experience others who have used Inktip have had.

Phillip "Uncle Phil" Hardy

I've been using Inktip since 2012 and have had some success with them. A lot of their producer clients will read loglines but that doesn't really mean much unless one of them downloads and reads your synopsis and or your script.

Tasha Lewis

Check out their FAQ Section.

Christopher Phillips

Order of priority for producers: Title (is it marketable? one or two words max), logline (is it a great concept? 25 to 30 words max), Synopsis (is it attention getting, and is it clearly written?). There are also some genre considerations as well.

Dan MaxXx

every paid screenwriter’s website has success stories.

Research folks with long careers and how & what they did. Unless you just want to do your own movies. Then it doesn’t matter which website/platform you spend your $.

Dayna Noffke

I've had five views in two weeks. It's my first time using it, so I will also be curious to see what happens. I won four months of free posting there; I'll run it out till then and decide whether to renew, try a different project or move on! Good luck!

Craig D Griffiths

I have found Script Revolution a

good place. I also send people their to check out my work.

I get the Inktip email (free) and I find the same requests appearing. Some people even say “if you have pitched before don’t repitch”.

I would and do focus on building a reputation outside these places. Like the old saying goes, “don’t build your house on rented land”.

Derek Reid

One thing to note is keeping the stuff posted to Ink-Tip mostly low-ish budget. Since I first started pitching I learned no one there's probably gonna read a (my) $35 mil+ Sci-Fi script, etc. lol

Steven M. Cross

Tasha, I didn't really find much helpful about the inner working with the FAQ. What I fear is that so many scripts have been listed with them, that mine really never sees the light of day even when it is moved up. Derek, it is low-budget, psychological horror. Craig, I've had some luck on Script Revolution. Dayna, I think I will do that if I don't get much else happening with this one. Christopher, title is one word. Marketable? A low budget horror would, I think be marketable. Synopsis is fine I think.

Tasha Lewis

Steven, mentors can assist but I think the best way to learn how their system works is their web site. I try to approach them like research. Visit their FAQ. Use their online chat if applicable and reach out to the appropriate departments for recommendations on how to achieve maximum exposure. The system works with the right approach.

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