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Tim Everyman

Aspiring writer here, new to site

Hello everyone, heard about this site from an actor registered here. We worked on Once Upon a Time together and she recommended me I try out this site. Just to begin, obviously Everyman is a joke name. I'm just a bit cautious when giving my full info online, and I'm also one of those writers who's a bit shy to put their entire name on public display. Anyways first question I guess I should ask, is if anyone knows what are some methods to go from every man writing a script to being able to sell it and make it into a movie? I'm sure there's many routes that can be taken, so I like to be aware of them. For anyone curious, my script is a science fiction/supernatural fantasy story that eventually became too ambitious than originally intended and is now currently meant to be a multi-film story. People who I meet in person often know a lot more details about the story and world. Though I haven't finished any of the scripts yet, but I'm determined to get the first one done before the end of this year. On that note, any threads around here to help overcome writer's block?

London Moquin

as long as you find and find a group they will only know your info I have been on here for about 3 weeks and its not to bad it more learning comes with stage 32 yes they have class and such like film scripts and much more I would say find what you know then breach out slow tell you can get used to it

Jody Ellis

I'd say your first task would be to finish the screenplays. Then you rewrite and revise. Then maybe submit to contests that offer feedback. Talking about selling your script and getting it made into a movie when it's still unfinished is putting the cart before the horse.

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