Screenwriting : Into The Great Unknown: Coronavirus Implications/Repercussions In Entertainment Industry by Juhani Nurmi

Juhani Nurmi

Into The Great Unknown: Coronavirus Implications/Repercussions In Entertainment Industry

Dear All,

I don't want to sound like an alarmist, but as the world has succumbed into a pandemic created by coronavirus (COVID-19), it would be interested to know what this means in view of pitching and developing movies and TV.

The below recent Variety piece addresses this palpable crisis Hollywood and the movie industry is facing currently, as productions are rapidly shutting down and people are sent home to work remotely.

As most of us know, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are currently under quarantine in Australia due to COVID-19. Yet they have already taken a far more human and brave stance to this pandemic than POTUS (President of the United States) and his government ever will.

As entertainment professionals, I personally feel it's wise and prudent to discuss this major crisis transparently, what this means for our personal and/or collective businesses. If cineplex chains are shutting their doors (as some of them already are) and film productions are cancelled, the writing is pretty much on the wall:

Many of us can write off 2020 (and in many cases, 2021 as well), alas.

In view of diminishing returns for us all, I'd also love to hear Richard "RB" Botto's and Jason Mirch's thoughts on all of this. Needless to say, I think it's about time to "blare the fog horn" ... pretty darn loudly, too.

I hope all you Stage32ers will act sensibly, avoid crowds and first and foremost: stay healthy.

Thanks for reading.

From Helsinki with Love --

your colleague Juhani Nurmi 

Show Stopper: Coronavirus Sends Hollywood Into Unprecedented Crisis
Show Stopper: Coronavirus Sends Hollywood Into Unprecedented Crisis
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Eric Christopherson

On the upside I gotta think develop execs will have extra reading time on their hands, maybe read more queries.

Jenean McBrearty

If we have to be at least three feet away from others, there's no way you're going to have romance scenes! And the tight proximity of filming crews? Forgetaboutit. On the other hand, podcasts, audio books, oldies but goodies, U-tube soliloquies, one-person shows (masturbation porn), and letter writing might come into vogue. :)

Tasha Lewis

Virtual work in all forms is the new normal! That's why Stage 32 is so valuable! We have to support these platforms.

Dan MaxXx

Lots of folks suddenly unemployed, productions shut down. Broadway shows closed until next month. Major sports suspended.

I doubt salary Execs are reading scripts from new writers; more like salvaging the best of a messed up schedule for Films & TV.

2020 is already over with stock market crash, finished franchise movies pushed back. More paycuts and layoffs expected. Less money to spend on entertainment, from Financiers to people buying movie tickets.

Tasha Lewis

My ebook Funding for Internship and Scholarship Programs are designed for all situations. I will be adding the current crisis to the 3rd edition and it will be available at the end of the month. My recommendation is use this time for quality time with family and friends. I held a job some time back as a Staff Administrator (HR Professional for the International Center). We had contracts overseas where our staff lived in compounds. They had everything they needed. They would go to work and stay in the buildings all day. We have to have a compound mentally. Have home based work mentality until we can change it. I have also lived in complexes with everything I needed. See my project page and the videos for examples.

Jenean McBrearty

Tasha you are so right! Actually this forced indoors thing is a godsend to people who say they never have time to write. Now those creative juices don't have to be put on the back burner. Let us go forward, pen in hand...or keyboard ...and let the imaginings begin! After this is over, we should all list what we accomplished.

Tasha Lewis

This is an ideal opportunity to create incredible work and involve the family if you have one. I use to organize weekends for some relatives kids where we all worked on projects that included everyone. Quality time with family and friends.

Eon C. Rambally

This is so encouraging! You just don't give up no matter what! There's always a positive way around every situation.

Stefano Pavone

It's given me ideas to write, that's for sure. How ironic.

Tasha Lewis

Imagine all the story ideas regarding the Coronavirus and Pandemic if that is your genre. It has motivated me to encourage and help individuals who now have to work from home, remotely or on the go.

Richard "RB" Botto

My thoughts are in the COVID-19 letter I posted (link on top of each page) and in the IYW mailer I sent out. Also, our response has included and in all the 75 pieces of media coverage we've received from it. Here's a sample.

We've heard from over 150 of the execs we work with asking us to present them with more opportunities to find content. My advice is to accelerate, not slow down. My advice is it's more important than ever to make connections and to work on your networking every day. This will end, and there will be those who took advantage of the extra time and those who will be left playing from behind.

Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova

believe this temporary slow-down is a perfect time for creating, gathering ideas, sharing your ideas and also planning ahead taking into consideration changes that will happen, also being flexible and innovative for life does not stop with quarantine. I also think that even though some productions are on hold, it does not mean they will never happen. In addition, such platforms as Netflix and similar ones will need new movies as they have an increase in their audience and demand for more movies, series etc. They will certainly invest into productions and certainly plan already now for the future. As they say – it is not the strongest who survive in a time of crises, but the flexible, innovative, and creative.

Evelyn von Warnitz

RB Botto: Thank you for spreading your fantastic energy and motivational thoughts during the past days! You are so appreciated. Thank you!

Richard "RB" Botto

You're welcome, Evelyn. Thank you. Truly believe we're all in this together. The goal here is to keep everyone in as positive a mindset as possible and inspire all to stay connected and continuing to create.

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