Introduce Yourself : Introduce Yourself, they say. by LeAndra Cortez

LeAndra Cortez

Introduce Yourself, they say.

Only 67% complete, you must introduce yourself. Well here goes. LeAndra here, I am a writer, thinker and believer. I live and breath the stories I write. It's a gift and a curse. I have taken the bold leap so many of us desire. I have decided to pursue my writing career full time. I quite my job, moved across the country, and have begun a new life as a writer. I take drastic measures to have exciting experiences and content to write about. This is the life I have chosen and I'm happy to share this with a new community. If there's one community that understands our struggles it's the writing community. As of recently I am working on polishing a script and exploring the new city I reside in. I am much more personable in person or in the characters I write. I am old school in a sense I love writing everything by hand, so social networking and an online introduction is complicated. Now I should be 100% complete. Introduce yourself to me. And tell me about your ambitions. After all, us writers have to stick together and create a supportive community. Thanks for reading.

Boomer Murrhee

Welcome to the community, LeAndra. I have met some amazing people on this site. Look forward to your posts.

Travis Sharp

Quit your job?? I salute you for having that determination. Go get it!!

Laurie Broadnax

​Pleasure meeting you. Welcome to 32 If I can help in anyway, don't hesitate to reach out.

Debbie Croysdale

Hi and welcome I just loved your natural intro. I still use pen and paper or pencil and notebook everywhere I go. (Then transfer to notebook when i hit ground). I had a computer job for three years, some years back and wrote no scripts, even though the latest technology was at my fingertips....but wrote accepted scripts on an easy jet plane with a cheap pen. I'm old school too, ha ha but older than you. Technology is relatively new, people have been writing things we still read today, back to the days of the scribes. Look forward to seeing you around Stage 32.

Blaine Rincon

Welcome LeAndra! Sounds like a bold move and I love your determination and confidence to succeed!

Carlos Garcia

LeAndra like you I also quit my job to focus on the dream here in NYC so I applaud your commitment. Keep kicking butt and it will pay off! :)

LeAndra Cortez

Thanks Carlos. I'm glad to know there are others making bold moves toward our dreams. I wish you good luck in your career.

Steve Hunyi

Hi guys. I will stop trying to live my creative dream once I start pushing up daisies from the soil. Live On Creatively and to Hell With the Conveyor Belt.

Travis Sharp

Steve with the mic drop!

Sadie Dean

Welcome to the community, LeAndra!

Aray Brown

Welcome to the family LeAndra! Good on you for committing yourself to go after your dreams and follow your bliss. Keep us posted. Love your post! I'm a screenwriter hailing from Kentucky. Currently working on three projects, a horror short, a horror pilot and a vampire horror script (REAL vampires) Well i guess they're all scripts. Heel bent on learning everything I can and growing as a creative. That, and changing the game.

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