Screenwriting : Is Final Draft 10 worth the upgrade? by Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

Is Final Draft 10 worth the upgrade?

I don't use Final Draft 9 much. However, I thought the collaboration features in ten, and the alternative dialogues, sound fun. There's also a claim that the spell check is improved, but I don't think it'll come close to Word or Grammarly. Has anyone used FD10, especially for collaboration? Does it work properly?

Philip Sedgwick

Last week I upgraded. The download and install was effortless. I have not applied the collaborate feature (but soon will) nor the story note/beat features. Mostly, I went through existing FD scripts. I have had no issues. I am using Win 10 on a PC. Admittedly, since I prefer Movie Magic, I have not put it through it's paces. I did contact FD re: files. If you have 10 can those using 8 and 9 use a 10 script without incident? The answer is that because there are new features, 8 and 9 users will get a data error upon opening a v10 script. However, the script itself remains intact and editable. As I get into 10 more in the next weeks with a contract rewrite, I'll report any issues that come up. Is it worth it? Yeah, probably.

Fiona Faith Ross

I may have to do it. The sale runs out in a couple of days, and I'm on the point of starting a new project, and the new beat-sheet feature looks attractive (if you like the Movie Magic screens, which I do, because there are some similarities).

Aray Brown

still working with 9. New doesn't necessarily mean better

Fiona Faith Ross

So Philip, how do you move those scripts from 8 or 9 into V. 10?

Philip Sedgwick

@Fiona, from the folder the files are in, you open them. Extensions in FD8, 9, 10 are the same. Should be effortless.

Philip Sedgwick

@John, FD says the files in 8 or 9 are the same as 10; again there will be an error message when opening files from 10 in a lower version, but they say script is fine. In 9 I had fierce compatibility issues (and crashes) between Mac files and my PC files. Not done enough back and forth in 10 to evaluate yet.

James Drago

I'm more than happy with my 8. Ain't broke, don't need the new features.

Joe Fiserano

That depends on you. Do you really collobarate and write projects with other writers? If not, then you don't need it. Keep in mind that there will be a fd 11 next year and fd 12 after that. That's how they make money.

Mark Mccoy

You are so right.

Philip Sedgwick

Today I used the collaboration feature. I went both ways with a director with me logging in, them logging in. That was effortless. The editing was a little funky. For a person to download the latest draft and save it, it was necessary to log out. We did not do much in both of us working to type in the draft. Is was more discussion then I go fix it... you know how it is with work-for-hire.

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