Screenwriting : Is it good when people say that they can tell this story is personal to you? by Zorrawa Jefferson

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Zorrawa Jefferson

Is it good when people say that they can tell this story is personal to you?

I am writing a story about bullying, forgiveness, and love. I poured my heart and soul in it and people could tell. Is that a good thing?

Nathan Smith

It's good to be passionate about your work but this can also be seen as a red flag for people who might have some changes to suggest. If you're treating it too personal you could come across as someone not easy to work with and unwilling to make changes.

Derek Reid

If I told someone that it would mean "You seem to be knowledgeable and passionate about x material."

Chris Jacob

Yes, I think it is a really good topic. All the best for it.

Jim Boston

Doggone right it's a good thing that you put your heart and soul into your story.

All the VERY BEST to you, Zorrawa!

Iannis Aliferis


Louis Tété

Of course it is a good thing, the more you put your heart, soul and sweat in your material the more it will stand out because of your unique voice, the audience's gonna really feel it.

Steve Sherman

Honestly I don't know any other way to write a screenplay than to write about something that is very personal to you.

Steve Sherman

Honestly that is the only way I can write a screenplay. The topic has to be very personal to me which makes me passionate about the story and it's plot points. It always heart and soul.

Stephen Floyd

Depends. Sometimes a story is so personal the writer can’t step back and objectively tell what to keep and what to nix. It’s more important for a story to be true to the protagonist than true to the writer.

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