Screenwriting : Is this an issue in screenwriting? by Victor Titimas

Victor Titimas

Is this an issue in screenwriting?

Sorry, I won't reveal my age, but does it even matter in screenwriting?

I read some say it does, and I even read a site saying that if you're over 28(well over that in my case), you can't work as a television writer anymore...:(

Of course it would be cool to sell a script at 16, but not everyone thinks about that at this age...

What is the truth about this idea? Is age really as important as some people say, or other things matter more(eg: screenplay's quality)?:)

Jacob Buterbaugh

Don't look for reasons why you can't be a screenwriter. Stop looking for things that can stop you. Study, practice, do the work, and do it the best you can. Do your part. Beyond that, it's out of your hands. Whatever will be will be.

Eric Christopherson

Age matters if you're an actor, I suppose, but not for screenwriters. At this point, I'm on the fringes of this biz at best, but I know some folks who are dead in its center, and that's the answer I get.

Eric Christopherson

A caveat: I was discussing features screenwriting. If you wish to be in TV, then it can matter very much how old you are (according to a lit mgr. I had coffee with one day). And ethnicity and gender can matter too.

Dan MaxXx

Television- Yes.

Movies - No.

Just stay physically healthy and don’t lose your mind. This whole game is endurance.

Vic Burns

How old was Vince Gilligan when he dropped Breaking Bad? Sure, he did work on the X-Files years ago but... If you're good enough -- you're old enough.

Chad Stroman

Depends. However if you are brilliant at writing then age becomes invisible. Look at Larry David. He wasn't a spring chicken when he started either and it took a couple decades for him to get to where he was.

Todd Bronson

Ageism is an issue in most industries. I'm just going to take advantage of it. I'm going to retire in a few years and write every God damn day. I'll be that old coot pecking at his keyboard while downing arthritis medication. Then I'll pitch a script under a pseudonym like Sophia Smart (mid 20's).

Danny Manus

In features? No, it's not really an issue. In TV, yea, it matters more. IF you want to be a staff writer. They're not going to hire a FIRST-TIME staff writer if they're 55 years old. You'll have to come in from the top down and sell a show, be a staff writer on your own show, and then you can get other TV writing gigs. But theres no ageism in terms of selling a show. Just being hired on Other peoples shows..

Owen Mowatt

Wait, what!? You're over 28?!?!?

You had me. I thought no more than late teens.

Also, I agree with Jacob, you seem to be attracted to negative information regarding writing. Stop it and just focus.

John Fernando

I'm not an expert but common sense would suggest - older age isn't important in features but older beginners will be very unlikely to get staff work on TV shows. The solution as always is to produce great commercial scripts - and to have 2/3 in the bank so when a potential agent says "I like your script have you done anything else?" - it won't look like they'll have to wait years for second one.

John Iannucci

Since I’m 65 does that mean I have 2x as many chances of making it? LOL

Lisa Clemens

51 and had my first sale at 44. Another optioned and others looking for backers.

Dan Guardino

John. No but like me you are going to have to write twice as fast. LOL.

Dan Guardino

Victor. If someone likes your screenplay and wants to turn it into a movie they wouldn't give a rat's ass if you're a 120 years old.

Doug Nelson

I was a television staff writer well into my 50s...but it was a different era back then.

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