Anything Goes : Is this weird? by Zorrawa Emily Ann Jefferson

Is this weird?

So I'm writing a script about two dudes dating and being in a relationship. I want people who hate gay people to read my script. I want the homophobic people to read my gay script. I don't know why but I'd love for that to happen. What do you guys think?

Mike Shields II

I think qualifying it that way, and stating that they hate it before they read it, is what's tanking you in the first place. The opposite of love is NOT hate. It is indifference. Stay sane my friend. PS, I point you to Harlan Ellison's reading of, "I will not read your F*&(ing script!"

Craig D Griffiths

Wanting to inspire and bring about change is a great reason to write. My brother, an incredibly learned individual, once said that great writing teaches us something and something about ourselves.

Eldar Levin Gadjibekov

Well, sory, but I think it is weird. You write first to evoke the reader (viewer,) not to make a statement. Movies are entertainment first of all. Everything else comes second...

Max Adams

Well, what's you purpose here? Piss people off? Or inform and impact society and mindsets? Since you're saying you want people who hate what you're writing to read the script, it sounds like you want to piss people off. That's not a bad purpose, from an artistic standpoint. Often, the way art inspires thought is through pissing people off. But you're also talking about reading the script. Not about seeing the movie. About reading the script. Most people uninterested in the subject won't read the script. Won't even take notice of it unless it becomes a movie. So maybe the first step, eliciting a reaction through art? Is to get the art made. Into a movie. This is a movie script. That means go out and find people who want to see that subject and script made into a film and convince them to read the material and make the film. Not go looking for people who aren't interested or don't like the subject or, harsher, hate it, and asking them to read printed pages that are supposed to become a movie. People who don't like the subject won't read it and won't make the movie. They won't even respond unless someone who does respond makes the movie.

David Taylor

I don't see the point. You want people to read your script, period. Maybe your venting for a different reason, SO if there are strong feelings it would reflect in the script.

Thomas Lee Howell

No one wants to hear about personal lifestyle choices unless they have made that choice themselves. Especially homosexuality which is defined by specific sexual acts. Perhaps knowing the market would be the best method of pitching and eventually selling your material. Since there are a HUGE number of gays in Hollywood I think you'll have a buyer; you just have to locate the correct people who are interested in that sort of (story.)

JD Hartman

Ya know...what I think is weird is that S32 members keep dredging up Emily's old topics.

Jody Ellis

I'm with JD. Let this shit die. Please.

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