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Michael Fenske

Joe Bob Briggs

Yesterday I stumbled on Joe Bob Briggs website, and it states he is currently accepting screenplays for low budget horror flicks, which is exactly what I like to write. It says they have funding for 10 films but I have no idea if this is outdated information and they just haven't updated the site. Does anyone know for sure?

Pj McIlvaine

Don't bother. I fell for that line. I was continually told that my script was at the top of their list or some such BS, then it was taking time, Joe Bob was out of the country--I finally gave up.

Michael Fenske

Haha, thanks. Why would they bother to feed lines like that?

D Marcus

I get the impression that FAQ has been up for many years. Has he made even one of those 10?

William Martell

That sounds like old news. I don't think he ever made any films. There was a period of time when his show was on The Movie Channel and TNT that he might have been in the position to get a slate of films going with those networks as a funding source.... but that was a decade ago.

Michael Fenske

Those were kind of my thoughts too. Thanks for the input, guys.

Mark Georgeff

He's been doing that for at least...5 years. Hasn't made anything I'm aware of. And believe me, if he had? You'd have heard about it. He's that much of a self promoting BILLY BOB. So...beware where you send your work to. Learned that at and after UCLA grad. film school. Real fast.

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