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Shawn Speake

My Playbook: Writing for Others

I'm having mad success with my writing in Denver. And in writing many posts on funding, where I state FUNDING IS EASY, I asked myself, why am I celebrating writing victories on a daily basis now? Why is funding so easy for us, BIG BOSS FILMS? The answer came immediately. Oh shit... I haven't written anything for ME in almost two years now. I moved to Denver, had meet ups, tossed pages on the table. (Who wants some?) I found a heavy hitter and native. (A hometown hero is crucial for an unknown from out of town.) Started writing for Pookie, another S32ER. Because he's the man, one Denver actor became three. I built a story for them. We got a backer for 7g and shot our short. And we're growing. Our next feature will star 10 of Denver's finest. Building a story for them. Already got a backer for 10g. It all came about from deciding to write for others. Nothing like a whole lot of hungry energy forming for hungry synergy - a beautiful thing... Take what you like. Funk the rest :)

Dan MaxXx

You are a bad MFer. :) That's how filmmakers start careers. Collaboration with local friends and craftspeople. You rise. Everybody rises. Share success and failure. And if you are good or show the ability to make money, Hollywood suits come to you.

C Harris Lynn


Chad Stroman

Sounds like you are off and running and having fun in the process. Keep it up!

Bill Costantini

That's what's good! Way to go, Shawn!

Craig D Griffiths

To start with congrats. I find this story refreshing. Occasionally an actor or someone will post on here asking for a free script or a writer to collaborate with. Then so many of us leap to our hire horses and tell the person "I don't work for free". We all claim professional status blah blah blah. Look what happens when you put yourself out there. Helping others seems to come back in truck loads.

Amber Greenlee

Glad to hear you working hard. Also in Denver. waves

Dan Guardino

Shawn. Congrats on your success.

Shawn Speake

What's good, sexy people! Please know the bugs are being addressed. Stage32 is working around the clock on our technical problems. Working as fast as we can. We ask for patience because we are such a small team and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. The New and Improved STAGE32 will be running full-throttle soon. Thank you guys for all of your support.

Phillip "The Man Who Can'" Hardy

Shawn: You are a beautiful spirit that works very hard and is relentlessly positive in supporting others. I wish you continuing success my friend and hope to meet you in person one day.

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