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Ellie Sisson

Liverpool UK Screenwriter

Greetings from the North at Stage 32. I set myself a writing challenge - a script with no treatment, no outline or synopsis. I wrote off the top of my head. I'm at 32p now and I love the idea. Has anyone else done this kind of thing before? I am more than happy to do ab exchange on scripts. I'll read yours if you read mine. I'm hoping my new script will be 70-80p in total. Thank you. Have a love.y day everyone! :)

Diane Knight

my husband does this sometimes, he just gets an idea and runs with it, he loves the freedom of it but of course it always needs alot of work on character development etc

CK Steefel

Let us know how it goes!

Steven Thompson

Hi, I do this from time to time with certain parts of my story. For me I feel more accomplished when I have pages.

Anthony Cawood

Ellie - I've not had anything since I provided you with feedback on a script almost a month ago. Last email from you said you'd send it on the 6th March... not seen anything (and no it's not in my junk or trash files) what gives?

Dondi Latimer

Ellie, I write like that all of the time. I hate trying to do outlines...

William Martell

Results are all that count. If you can work that way and end up with a completed script that people either want to buy, great!

Ellie Sisson

Anthony I do have some time to finish your script this week. I will definitely email you wednesday. I have been massively snowed under these past few weeks. Apologies.

Anthony Cawood

Ellie, no offence but that's what you said three weeks ago, then you reappear on here having chosen to write 32p of a new script (rather than a few lines of feedback) and offering to swap reads with people again! I understand that you are excited to be writing scripts, that's great, but if you offer to swap reads with people you should stick to your side of the bargain. Or not make the offer in the first place if you are too snowed under to follow through on it. As it is I have had feedback from elsewhere and re-written the script extensively. So no need for the feedback now.

Andrew Crook

Ellie, watch out you don't start to annoy people who are actually doing you a favour. This industry isn't as big as you think, particularly in the UK. I gave you feedback and it took me a couple of days and a follow up message just to get a thanks out of you! During this time you posted again saying you were looking for feedback. The same script I expect just a couple of pages longer. How much feedback do you want? Are you going to ask for feedback every time you write a scene? Or are you looking for the right type of feedback i.e. Someone that will only say nice things? Good luck with that.

Ellie Sisson

Hi Andrew. I'm sorry that it took me so long to get back to you. I have loads of different ideas atm that I'm working on. I am looking for advice with regards to a different script (I should have made my intentions more clear) and I apologise. The amount of feedback I am looking for is just constructive enough for me to make a few changes. Yours was the amount that I had wanted. Thank you.

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