Screenwriting : Log or tag? by Jim Arnold

Jim Arnold

Log or tag?

Received feedback from a written pitch, which stated I had given a tagline instead of a logline. Can somebody define the difference for me?

Kent Williams

Jim, a tagline is what you might see on a movie poster, e.g. the tag for "Alien" is, "In space, no one can hear you scream." A log line is more of a TV Guide summary, e.g., "Alien" is a sci-fi horror about a mining crew who battle an alien monster that hunts them down on their spaceship."

Ian Lynch

To add to what Kent said; A logline is a one-sentence summary that you use to help to hook readers and sell your script. A tagline is a snappy or clever phrase dreamt up by the marketing team of whatever company is producing a movie. You don't have to worry about a tagline at all unless you're producing your own movies.

Jim Arnold

Appreciate the comment Ian

Jim Arnold

Thanks Alle. All cleat

Jim Arnold


Lina Jones

Good to know

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