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Screenwriting : Logline reviews - podcast by Craig D Griffiths

Craig D Griffiths

Logline reviews - podcast

Hi All

I had a podcast a few years ago. I am thinking of doing another one.

On this new podcast I would discuss loglines that people send in. If you are interested in sending me a logline to discuss you can post it here send to me through the website griffithscreative.com.au

I know I don't have to say it "Your logline will be read out and discussed in a public forum. If you don't want that to happen don't send it".

I want this to be a place were people can get their work heard by a larger audience. Plus I will encourage listens to comment as well. I will also reminder listeners that if they are interested in contacting the writers they can do so through the podcast.



Adam Harper

Sounds like a great idea. Do you have a logline for your podcast? :-)

Craig D Griffiths

If the logline was about me:

To repay the trust of contributors a filmmaker must release the promised podcast but juggling his time between the podcast and pre-production of his film challenges him and his relationships.


In an attempt to help other writers a filmmaker launches a podcast but finding contributors is more work than finding an audience, he solves this by reaching out on stage32 and engaging his network.


Logline is a podcast that helps writers create better loglines but its presenter has the challenge of finding loglines to review with no previous episode to show, he also must build an audience for it to be worth writer's time.

They could do with some work. All rough drafts.

Aray Brown

"When an abused child murders her psychopathic mother to save herself, she strives to live a normal life but must fight the urge to kill again when haunted by an alter ego"

Michael Aliotti

After witnessing her idol Marilyn Monroe win artichoke queen in 1947, Castroville, CA, reality hits an obsessive dancer, who's forced to lure men to their death on behalf of a local Mobster.

Craig D Griffiths

Thanks everyone. Please keep them coming.

Adam Harper

Nice loglines Craig, you rose to the challenge :-)

Craig D Griffiths

I am putting together the last few things.

I’ll let everyone know when it is up and ready for download.

Craig D Griffiths

Hi All. I had a website crash. Someone hacked an unused email account and used it to send spam, so the host shut my site down. Back online now. I'll be recording this week.

Thanks for your patience.

Craig D Griffiths

Hey everyone.

The podcast is done. I am just waiting for Apple, Stitcher, Google and Spotify to approve in and put in their feeds.

Since there was already a "Logline" podcast from 2016, I had to add to the name.

So the Podcast is call "Logline with Craig Griffiths".

Thanks to Harriet Miller, Michael Aliotti , Aray Brown & Wal Firman

These brave souls all stepped up for Episode 1.

For those that can't wait for it to be on Apple or the other platforms. Here is a link so you can listen via the website.


Wal Friman

Thanks Craig. That was really something. Incredible how right on you are. Very, very nice. And nice of you.

Craig D Griffiths

Hi everyone

The podcast is now available everywhere.

I’d like to thank the Fab Four for being the first contribution. If anyone wants to get their loglines reviewed just head to the website or drop it on here.

I’d also like to thank the people that have been listening.

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