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Screenwriting : Loglines by Davin Intsiful

Davin Intsiful


I have always had good coverage on scripts, but when it comes to loglines I can't seem to get the right pitch. I'm continuously rewriting them over and over trying to figure out what works. If anyone is interested a review of my loglines are much appreciated.

Also any tips on creating good loglines would be helpful. Thank you.

Craig D Griffiths

In some shameless self promotion. Send them to me. Or better still go to

http://griffithscreative.com.au and submit them there. I am launching a podcast and I’ll be reviewing and discussing loglines in that.

Davin Intsiful

Awsome will do

John Day

When/After [insert catalyst], [character] must [action] in order to [stakes], but [obstacle]. Very formulaic -- but some version of it will hit everything you need.

Craig D Griffiths

Exactly John Day there are several common patterns and that’s a good one. The most important thing and the common mistake is getting stuck in set up.

People spend nearly all the logline in setup and then say “must survive the prison”. The real movie is those four words not the setup.

Jason Mirch

Hey Davin, have you checked out our Script Services page? We have an awesome producer working with us on a limited engagement to write loglines for your project. She is getting a killer response! https://www.stage32.com/scriptservices/coverage/buy?id=22

Davin Intsiful

John Day thank you for the helpful formula

Davin Intsiful

Jason Mirch ill check it out

Mathew Thomas

Thank you Davin, such a hard part of the process to master. 125 pages defined by two sentences. I am enjoying these responses. All the best with your work.

Johnathan Burns

Hi Davin. I found this method a while back and find it works quite well;

Answer these questions first, working backwards in the story line:

Q1 - Act 3 core

How did the character change?

(eg: Bob had to swallow his pride and support his brother)

Q2 - Act 2 core

Why / who / what is making the character change? [catalyst for change]

(eg: A family member died)

Q3 - Act 1 core

Why / How did the character get to that point?

(eg: Bobs was always jealous of his brothers success)

Q1 - Act 1 premise

What / who etc. is the characters problem?

(eg: Bob hates his brother!)

Next, put the above answers into a summary paragraph:

(eg: Bob is forced to swallow his pride and support his brother after a death in the family. Bob hates his brother because he has always been jealous of his success.)

Then, simplify it into a sentence without names etc:

(eg: A family tragedy forces two brothers to reconcile their differences after a lifetime of jealousy and hate.)

Maybe a basic or poor example but I hope it makes sense and is helpful.

Wal Friman

In a city bustling with crime the Newark police officers must go over their limits, as also dealing with family and personal issues.

Phil Clarke

If anyone needs some basic advice on creating loglines, then do get in touch with me.

Wal Friman

A single mother, unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal cancer takes another stab at finding love, only to realize that the dating world makes her want to kill herself.

Davin Intsiful

Johnathan Burns awsome break down. I will try that method

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