Screenwriting : Loglines, Synopsis, and Pitch. by Dustin Quinteros

Dustin Quinteros

Loglines, Synopsis, and Pitch.

I found this extremely informative, but what do I know? Thoughts? Is this how it's done?

Craig D Griffiths

I would say you know a considerable amount about things, just like the other things that make you unique.

I read (browsed) the terms and conditions. The first red flag for me is them misspelling their own URL in the T&C page.

What do they charge? Because it feels like a build it and they will come enterprise. If we collect all the amateur scripts in one place, we can leverage that.

Who do they pitch to. Who other than writers (names please) use this service. Everything that say they help amateur writers feels scammy.

Dan MaxXx

$99 bucks! Bargain! Cheaper than paying a lawyer $7000 to submit screenplays

Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

Seems very shady, but even if it isn't, learning to pitch for ourselves is basically part of the job. It's a skill we should really develop on our own.

John Ellis

I agree with Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator. With S32 pitches, you know exactly WHO you're pitching to. And if you want to have a career, you HAVE to be comfortable with pitching in person.

Aray Brown

Seems fraudulent to me. Who is this Hollywood expert? I agree with John Ellis i'd rather stick to Stage 32 pitches. We can pick an executive of our choice and also get advice on who might be a better fit for our projects. This Hollywood executive, how do we know if he/she is credible?

Dustin Quinteros

Interesting and informative comments. I was more curious as to the opinions of the accuracy and quality of the sample loglines and synopsis. It never occurred to me about the validity of the site,, but still glad to everyone for sharing.

Barry John Terblanche

I'd never join a site like this! They want me to pay them to give them my ideas that they through around to God knows who. Hell no!

CJ Walley

Regardless of the business model, if you don't look at a site like that and have alarms going off in your head, you desperately need to address your gullibility.

Zero transparency on their own team.

Zero transparency on their network of professionals.

News links that don't go to actual articles.

Testimonials full of typos that keep mentioning sales but no specifics.

One success story that doesn't line up with anything on IMDb Pro.

Claiming screenplays sell for $100K+ in their advice.

A website that feels like it was built by someone off Fiverr.

Customers on their social media saying they can't get into their accounts.

Social media posts that are 99% reshared industry news.

Dead links everywhere, including even the pinned one on their Twitter account.

Never put your trust anybody or any business that keeps their identity, their successes, their associations, etc secret. It is rarely for a good reason. The business is notorious for shady, self-serving characters and even criminals. You need to have a very well calibrated bullshit detector to survive.

I'm not saying Movie Pitcher are a shady company, Network ISA used to heavily promote them in 2014, but they seem to be doing everything they can to look like a shady company.

Louisa Kendrick Burton

I'm going to jump on the top of the pile here. Stage 32 pitches are the way to go. At least you get to pitch the executive of your choosing. When it's "Pitch an Expert", you can't be sure if you are pitching your rom--com to a slasher thriller producer, or a production company that does fantasy adventure.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

At first blush their synopsis is full of run-on sentences...

Dawn Prato

Louisa Kendrick Burton Agreed! And with the Stage32 pitches, you get feedback, so that's always helpful :)

Martin Reese

I agree with Louisa Kendrick Burton and Dawn Prato. Stage32 pitches are the way to go. Also if you join the Writer's Room you get to pitch in a safe, non-judgmental environment. And there are tons of educational resources on pitching available on this platform.

Louisa Kendrick Burton

Dawn Prato yes! feedback is gold! it's how we grow :)

Dawn Prato

I held back on the pitches for a while because I wasn't sure where to start,but a quick email to Jason Mirch got me started - he was so helpful!

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