Screenwriting : Looking for as many answers as possible: The first screenwriting book you ever read was... ? by Jason McKinnon

Jason McKinnon

Looking for as many answers as possible: The first screenwriting book you ever read was... ?

My first was 'Screenwriting from the soul' by Richard W. Krevolin.

Philip Sedgwick

How to Write a Movie in 21 Days by Viki King.

Christine Koehler

Steven King's screenwriting book.

Christine Koehler

I've got an arsenal of screenwriters books. Depending on what stage of writing I'm doing, I'll read over Save The Cat. When doing difficult scenes, or even scenes I've not done before, I have Screenwriters Bible. If I just feel like reading, I enjoy John Truby. And of course like Tim said, screenplays in every genre.

Mark Souza

David Trottier's "The Sceenwriter's Bible" was my first, and my most often consulted.

Andrew Finn Burhoe

Save The Cat. Worst example of screenwriting. Did nothing to help further what one could expect in screenwriting. There is a way to it than what was presented. Hence why I read Goodfellas and that made more sense.

Christine Koehler

Thanks, Andrew! I'll have to check out Goodfellas!

Andrew Finn Burhoe

Pay attention to how they title scene headings.

Christine Hinz

Lew Hunter's 'Screenwriting 434'. Someone left it behind in the hallway of my crappy Brooklyn apartment and I carried through three moves before finally rising up, and showing up for my desire and promise to myself to write. Still have it. Reminds me that big dreams can be realized by just taking the smallest of steps.

Andrew Finn Burhoe

The Hollywood Standard is an amazing book. It tells you nothing of how to write. That's your job. Instead it tells you of how to format and write in the style. Been out since 2005 and just this year it came out with a second edition. This book you don't get in film school.

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