Screenwriting : Looking for some help with writing a script! very unique concept by Juan Thompson

Juan Thompson

Looking for some help with writing a script! very unique concept

Hello, I'm currently writing a script called, "The Option". I'm interested an experienced screenwriter that may have some connections. I would be preferred that this individual would not charge me any upfront fees, as I would give them co-writing credits to my script if they were to help me out.

Lauran Childs

Good luck on that one, people are always wanting writers and artists to work for free...

Shawn Speake

I have no connections. It's why I'm interested. And working free. To network. But I do have 2 complete specs posted on my page. If the N-word bothers you don't read THE DEAD ONES.

Juan Thompson

Well, that would be great, Shawn. I guess I should've indicated why I said "IT WOULD BE PREFERRED THAT THIS INDIVIDUAL WOULD NOT CHARGE ME ANY UPFRONT FEES" since I'm getting some backlash about that statement. It's not that I don't want to pay anyone to work with me. I began writing my script 2 years ago...I hadn't had any experience so I seek for professional help. This individual charged me $200 per month to assist me with writing and proper format....the catch 22 to that after I paid him a total of $400 dollars, he ditched me...stop returning my calls...and emails. The second person charged me $50 per month to help me assist with writing my script...this guy was never to sum it up, I have merit to why I say that statement.

Shawn Speake

No worries here, I'm down. Check out my style and we'll go from there. You can also E me: shawnspeake@gmail.

Juan Thompson

Got ya...thanks

Dave McCrea

Juan, a co-writing credit on your concept is not a strong motivator. People either want money, career advancement, or creative involvement/ownership. Right now you're asking for expert assistance and career advancement and you're not offering creative involvement or money. You mention the guy you paid a total of $400 to - if he got your whole script into proper format I daresay he might've earned his $400, depending on where it was at when he started. There's a lot of good writers out there who are humble and the farthest thing from greedy and if you are even slightly generous with them you will get more than your money's worth. Also asking for someone with connections is a turn off - instead if you post your ad, you can then see who is good and who out of the good ones, might have connections. But again, if you offer to pay a respectful sum, the quality and quantity of your responses will go astronomically. I hope you take this as constructive criticism.

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