Your Stage : Looking for something to read? by Joseph F. Alexandre

Joseph F. Alexandre

Looking for something to read?

For anyone looking for scripts to read, here's one I wrote for Joe Carnahan & Film Engine years ago (got me in the WGAw...) You can read about it here:

You can download on blcklist here:

Helmer high on drug pic
Joe Carnahan will co-write and direct a feature about the life of Will Wright, a high school prodigy who at 17 was the catalyst for a $70 million narcotics empire. FilmEngine is financing and will pro…
Jeremy Storey

Brave man posting on the blacklist. Good luck with the project!

Christopher Phillips

Cool article...

Joseph F. Alexandre

It's just a sample at this point, project's been dead a while, but never know:)

Christopher Phillips

That happens a lot. But it's always good to have your name out there in the trades.

Joseph F. Alexandre

Yeah, there was a time when guys were living in the Palisades driving around in a targa 911 who never had a credit to their name... That all stopped after the strike:) As long as the check clears, I say. I actually took that money and flipped it into this, free on Prime:

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