Screenwriting : Looking to connect with some thriller/horror writers by Brianna Gardner

Brianna Gardner

Looking to connect with some thriller/horror writers

Hey all! I am looking for a writer on an upcoming project based on the events my friend encountered while growing up in a haunted home in Muskegon, Michigan. His story is truly terrifying. I have pitched the idea to one of the producer's of "The Ring" who said he would definitely be interested in reading the finished screenplay. I have an outline and basic idea of where I want the story to go, but I am not a writer and I don't want to ruin a potentially great film by attempting to be one. I have plenty of writer friends but none with experience in this genre. So, Stage 32ers, if you have experience with SUPERNATURAL thrillers (I'm only interested in ghost type scripts), please send a writing sample to Los Angeles locals are preferred because I would like to meet up frequently to get a draft written as soon as possible so the producer can read it. It is not found footage but can best be described as the Conjuring meets Paranormal Activity. Thank you for your interest! Brianna

Emi Sano

Too bad I'm not in the LA area... I've only written a couple short supernatural horror films, but am looking to writing a feature soon. Good luck with your project! It sounds great!

RJ Dale

I sent you a email about your project, let's meet up.

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