Screenwriting : Looking to hire screenplay reader by Phillip Lew

Phillip Lew

Looking to hire screenplay reader

Hey All,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday!

Does anyone have any suggestions of a potential screenplay reader I could hire? I am looking to hire an experienced industry veteran to read a few screenplays of writers I am considering before I hire them to write an original screenplay idea for my production company. Any suggestions or referrals would be deeply appreciated!


Tristan Hutchinson

what genre?

Phillip Lew

Horror/Sci Fi Genre Tristan Hutchinson

Tristan Hutchinson

I am interested. I write most horror and thrillers.

Dan MaxXx

I would just email Jason at Stage 32 and ask for referrals.

Matthew Walsh

Phillip Lew my strength is structure and format. I'm wrapping up a Feature already slated for production once finished (I expect another ~7days), after that I would be available to take a look if you like.

I've received a "Recommend" rating for my TV Pilot from Script Reader Pro and it has a veteran Hollywood actor with over 120 credits to his name already attached as well. My Feature scripts have won several laurels in competitions; highest semi-finalist.

Connie Morales

Hey Phillip! I performed script coverage regularly for both Horror and Sci-Fi submissions during my time at (The Walking Dead’s) Skybound Entertainment and would love to help out. Please feel free to message me if interested or if you'd like to see my resume/references

Martin Reese

Nice to meet a fellow Horror/Sci-Fi writer Phillip Lew

Karen "Kay" Ross

Normally, I would suggest Stage32 script coverage services, but since the scripts are not yours, I will reserve that recommendation for when you're working on your feature with your hired writer. For your purposes, I would recommend Liska O, who is exceedingly good at analyzing based on your projects' needs:

Eric Sollars

I would trust your own thoughts on the script rather than a reader.

Rutger Oosterhoff

Use a semi-professional reader with a good track record, but make decisions on your own gut instincts.

Dan Davis

Hey Phillip! You've got some good suggestions, but I lean towards the 'trust your own instincts'. You know the style/voice etc. that your idea needs. Either way, best of luck!

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