Screenwriting : Making a Short Film from a Screenplay by Jorge J Prieto

Jorge J Prieto

Making a Short Film from a Screenplay

Just read an article that gives some excellent suggestions on writing and filming my own short movie taken from material already included in a full length screenplay. Don't know how any of you feel about this, love to hear your thoughts. Below is the link to the short article I cited, which btw mentions that the screenwriter to Whiplash, one of my recent favorite films, did just that, filmed a scene and turn it as a short into festivals and the rest is history. Peace fellow Stager's. Been really busy writing, but will be back here soon more often.

How to Use Short Film Scripts to Start Your Writing Career
How to Use Short Film Scripts to Start Your Writing Career
Are you sitting around by the phone waiting for a producer to kickstart your career? Here's another option: kickstart it yourself by writing short film scripts. How did the Duplass Brothers and countl…
Jacob Buterbaugh

Great article! Personally, I never wanted to be a screenwriter, and I still don't. I want to be a filmmaker who writes scripts. This is the route I'm trying to take.

Dan MaxXx

100% agree, shoot. Do it yourself. Whiplash script made blacklist 2012, Nobody was funding until he showed his filmmaking skills. 4 years later, same guy's gonna win Oscar for "La La Land."

Bill Costantini

So many films started as shorts....Saw...Evil Dead....District 9....Mama....Pixels....Bottle Rocket....This is the End.....Twelve Monkeys....Boogie Nights....etc...etc.....sorry if I repeated any from the article....I didn't click on the link. Short films....PUT IT ON THE BOARD....YES!

D Marcus

Yep! Making a great short film is a tried and true method of breaking into features.

Julien Klenn

This was the case a few years ago. Now the technology is so advanced that it is possible to shoot a feature on a short film budget. Tangerine was shot on an Iphone. If two movie makers were candidates for a new project, who do you think would be a safer bet for a producer; the one with a feature under the belt or the short film director? When you have a feature length movie credit, you get in to a different league. Regardless of how good or bad it is, shooting a feature makes a huge difference experience wise. Besides of the experience, it is also easier to monetize a feature length film, opposed to a short. So, one should consider these before jumping on to making short movies.

Jacob Buterbaugh

Julien - I pretty much agree with you. I think the main reason to make shorts is to prepare yourself to make features... That said, I didn't get into filmmaking to make shorts. I got into filmmaking to make movies, and to hopefully make money someday. Also, as Dan Maxxx has said, the chances of someone watching a 3-5 minute short by an unknown filmmaker are probably better than someone reading a feature script by an unknown screenwriter. So maybe it's a good idea to make some shorts anyway. I think the danger lies in getting yourself stuck in a short film making loop and never making a feature.

William Martell

We kind of live in a world where people are making shorts to get the hang of it and then moving om to no budget features. I know people who have spent more money on a single short than others I know have spent on their features which sold to Lionsgate.

Keanna Sherri Prince

I agree with everyone! I wrote an 11 page comedy back in 2012, raised money, and filmed it. One day, I hope to do this with a feature.

Bill Costantini

Keanna: great job! South Side!

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