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Victor Lazarus

Making pictures

Writing is as difficult as staying under the water as long as you and also trying to get a clear vision under the water without googles... It drives killer pains to my brain, please how can this be managed?

Bill Albert

I've been trying to think of something to help you out but it's really just something you have to experience and be prepared for. Douglas Adams admitted the there is a great deal of madness in writing. To think that we can created stories and characters out of thin air that will entertain and teach people is ridiculous. It really is. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it and you'll just have to find out yours. Each writer will have their own moments that make it all worth while and help them manage. For me it's the moment a character does something I didn't expect or even refused to follow the plan I had for them. Sound crazy? Yes. Does it happen often? No. But it's worth every second of it. Just keep at it. Keep writing and you'll get there.

Brad Havens

There are a few ways of dealing with this problem that I have discovered which may help. First I would say be patient. A desire to write does not necessarily make good writing or storytelling. It's great for practice and to explore ideas, but it is not absolutely critical to the writing process. So be patient with your writing. If it is painful to you then stop until the desire pulls you back enough to begin enjoying it once again. I do not write if I am not enjoying/ invested in some way in what is coming forth.

Also, have multiple projects that you can flip between. Sometimes the solution to your writer's block is to simply go around it, or visit another place until the way becomes clear again. If I am not writing different materials, then maybe I'm working on another project in a different discipline, etc. I have taken years to complete one screenplay, but I have never stopped writing or considering how to write the stories I would like to tell.

If you are dealing with deadlines, then decide which scenes were most important to presenting your story and knock those out first. Once you have manifested those scenes and you can work with them directly in front of you, then the method and means to connect these scenes will present themselves, and at that point you are simply connecting scenes together to complete the story.

Lastly, as my focus is on screenplays, I already understand that once this script is sold changes will come from the Director, the Producer(s), the celebrity Actors, etc. So at some point I have to decide that my screenplay is finished enough to present, while at the same time accepting that the movie that will come from it could very well be completely different from what I envisioned at the start of telling my story. The point is, acceptance. If you are agonizing over your story, then maybe you have already said all that needs to be said, and simply need to accept that it's time to let go and gift it to your readers.

Stay creative & have fun!

Victor Lazarus

Thank you very much... I feel like a baby cared with love of gifts... I appreciate

Dan Guardino

It seemed very hard at first but after writing a lot screenplays it seems a lot easier. I guess writing a lot of them helps.

Rosalind Winton

I've been working on my feature screenplay for two years and with the help, guidance and advice from various screenwriters, script services and reading posts, I've managed to keep going. There have been times I've almost given up, but I found leaving it for a while and then going back to it later, really helped and the process has been amazing and I'm so glad I stuck to it, because it is now taking shape and I'm really happy about it. Don't worry too much, or stress over it, just enjoy the writing process, keeping positive helps and remember that your screenplay could take hundreds of revisions before it gets to where you want it to be.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Don't think so much. Just start talking, but, you know, on the page.

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