Screenwriting : Mini slugs by Chahla Garrett

Chahla Garrett

Mini slugs

Hi, I know that mini slugs are used as mini scene headers to bring attention to a location, an object or a person. I usually will write it in caps, before going on with action lines. What would be the difference if I just write the location in the descriptive style? Here's an example: IN THE KITCHEN The kettle boils. or In the kitchen, the kettle boils Thank you for your help

K Kalyanaraman

The entire idea may be in the writer's mind, but unless it is "shown" or shared visually in the script, the job of the director is made more arduous. They have to visualize what the writer means and improvise, or change the thought altogether-like why do we need a kitchen to boil a kettle? We will just plug it in somewhere. The more we conform to established templates, the easier it is -for everyone on the scene.

Chahla Garrett

Hi, Lisa made an interesting point. I mean concerning the mini slugs.

D Marcus

Using "mini slugs" like ANGLE ON, ON BETH, and GUN was popularized by Syd Field in the 1970's. Thirty years later that style has fallen out of favor. Mini slugs like KITCHEN, HALLWAY and BETH'S ROOM are still used and should be in uppercase on their own line.

Chahla Garrett

Thank you everyone for your help.

Chahla Garrett

Thanks Dan.

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