Screenwriting : More Hollywood reboots and adaptations. by John Kevin Bell Aka Jkb

John Kevin Bell Aka Jkb

More Hollywood reboots and adaptations.

I just saw that now they are wanting to make a prequel for the Matrix movies when Morpheus was young. Also, IMDB shows that a new GhostBusters is coming out too! What do you guy think? Shouldn't they just leave those alone and try to come up with something fresh? I love both of those. Sorry if you are involved in ether of these franchises just making a discussion.

Stephen Floyd

We shouldn’t dismiss remakes/reboots off-hand. Oceans 11 took an original that was pretty much a star-studded dumpster fire and remade it as a stand-out example of the heist genre. And the recent Planet of the Apes prequels turned out to not only be better than the original prequels but superior even to their sci-fi contemporaries. So I will reserve judgement until I learn more about who is involved in production and, of course, until after viewing the films.

Isabeau Vollhardt

no Wachowskis, no Matrix anything. It's theirs, in every sense of the word. They went out on a huge limb to do the first one.

Scott Sawitz

Some of the most famous films of all time are remakes ... The Magnificent Seven was a western version of Seven Samurai. It also had three sequels, in case you were going to make the next complaint of "there's too many sequels."

If someone has a new, interesting take on an older property then I don't see the issue... let's see the story being told before throwing our hands up.

Stephen Floyd

Isabeau, the Animatrix produced positive results, so I’m not so sure the progenitors needs to be involved.

Dan MaxXx

I don’t lose sleep over reboots and remakes. Looking forward to new Terminator, Avatar, Lion King, Top Gun 2.

The folks doing Matrix reboot are All Stars: Zak Penn writer, Michael B Jordan lead actor, Lana Wachowski directing, John Wick stunt team.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

I rarely see a remake that I like. The Ghostbusters reboot was very flat. However, I'm looking forward to the Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure sequel. I'm invoking my right to a senior's discount.

Bill Costantini

I agree with Dan MaxXx. Every generation deserves its version of something. And the film with the most versions is actually Romeo & Juliet, which has around 25 direct remakes - and that doesn't even include the hundreds of films "inspired" by it.

Poor William Shakespeare - talk about missed royalties! Heh-heh.

And just to give you a little encouraging every single year, more "original screenplay" films are released than any other category - films based on novels; films based on comic books/graphic novels; films based on real life events; films that are sequels/remakes. or any of the other 22 categories Not bad, eh?

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, John, and keep writing your original screenplays!

“Film is the most important art and it has the power to change the universe.”— Milos Stehlik

REST IN PEACE, MILOS STEHLIK (February 6, 1949 - July 6, 2019)

Craig D Griffiths

I have heard a word a few times. Don’t know if it is used widely, “Requel”. It is a retell of a story.

I think it is unneeded. But that might be what we are experiencing. A retell of stories in a new way.

But I am just happy film is being made.

Kay Luke

Some stories are timeless; some are not.

A Star is Born and Scarface should both be re-made every generation, but leave Captain America in the 40s where he belongs.

Teresa Barber

Bill Costantini , I don't knock the "each generation deserves" theory for remakes - but can we skip a generation, please? The REQUEL's are getting old. (thanks for "requels". Craig D Griffiths )

Steve Cleary

I'd love to see a Casablanca remake starring Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande

Teresa Barber

faints, from the trauma of Steve Cleary 's comment

Kay Luke

Steve -- Switch the fall of Damascus a few years ago for the fall of Casa Blanca in '39, and you're on to something.

I'd like to see Gone With the Wind remade as a SciFi epic where the Earth is the South and the Space Colonies are the North, but it would cost a bizillion dollars these days.

Teresa Barber

Kay Luke , now you are on to something!

Imo Wimana Chadband

While I'm fine with some remakes and reboots, I'm hoping they don't touch The Matrix. I love that franchise too much to see any hard done to it :'( It's good as it is, and can stand the test of time.

Bill Costantini

Teresa Barber: you will be happy to know that seven of the 14 films playing near you are not sequels, prequels,or re-imaginings. And it only gets better and better next month and for the rest of the year!

You might also be happy to know that I will finally be seeing my first viewing of Little Women later this year - which is the eighth film adaptation of that fine story that was written 151 years ago, and that first premiered as a film in 1917 - and I will be seeing it only because the great Greta Gerwig directed it. And I will love it! (It's and women...right?)

Best fortunes in your creative endeavors, Teresa!

“Film is the most important art and it has the power to change the universe.”— Milos Stehlik

REST IN PEACE, MILOS STEHLIK (February 6, 1949 - July 6, 2019)

Louis Tété

Money, money, money! Because they don't have original contents, they try to refresh those beloved franchise and use the fandom to meet their goal. Some fans indeed are asking for it cuz of the nostalgia and the lack of original contents. It's a safe bet in some way. Very few franchise succeeded trying to refresh their slates: Terminator, Alien, Predator, Die Hard, Indiana Jones and so on. I think the problem comes from the fans and movie goers also, we just have a hard time to let things go.

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